Today's Opinions

  • Dumb criminals are always entertaining

    I, like most everyone else, get a kick out of reading about stupid or inept criminals. You know, the kind that rob a bank, then realize they locked the keys to the getaway vehicle in the vehicle...so they’re stuck.

    I decided to google and see what I could find, for your enjoyment and mine. But in addition to finding some stories about dumb criminals, I also found some rules of thumb that any dumb criminals who may be reading this may want to consider. The rules, and the stories, are courtesy of The Freeman Institute. Enjoy.

    Rules for bank robbers

  • 4-H 'steered' this girl the right direction

    I went to the 65th annual Steer and Market Swine Show and Sale last Thursday night and, as usual, it was a lot of fun. I was surprised to find that this is the 100th anniversary of 4-H. During the program the masters of ceremonies, Billy Poston, asked everyone who was an alumnus of 4-H to stand. Then nearly 200 people sang "Happy Birthday."

    That was a very proud moment for me.

  • I'm waiting "and hoping " for the next wisecrack

    I was so happy to be able to head to Tampa recently to help celebrate my niece’s fourth birthday. She was even more happy to celebrate it than I was. We all had a great time, and Amanda got lots of nice – and pink – gifts.

    But in the backs of our minds, we were ever-mindful of the one person who was unable to be present at the celebration – my sister-in-law’s father and Amanda’s Papa... Rex Whitaker.

  • No dress code required " just enjoy the music

    If you were sitting on your hands Friday night because you didn't have anything to do, blame yourself, because there was plenty to do Quincy. The weather was beautiful, there were no big semi trucks drowning out the music and there was no dress code.

    The opening at Art In Gadsden was again a great event. The number of artists whose works were on display was fantastic. Grace Maloy, the staff and volunteers continue to do a fantastic job for this community and the region. We've got one of the best galleries in the area and it's only going to get better.

  • One hazy, crazy night

    “Go over this one more time so I’m sure I’ve got it right.” We were huddled up in that little parking space behind the University of the South’s fire department. I was more than a little bumfuzzled.

  • There's a time and a place for everything; and this wasn't it

    I attended the Gadsden County School Board workshops last week, and was surprised by and disappointed in the behavior of some folks.

    The workshops, held on Tuesday and Thursday nights, were simply meant to be a forum for a superintendent-appointed committee to present suggestions regarding areas in which the budget could be cut.

  • I'll be glad to see April come along

    Every year this time it comes back like pollen. I guess since it happens every year, it shouldn't be a surprise. The surprise is that I actually hope that it will go away. I hate it. It's March Madness, that marathon of college basketball that seems to be on every television channel.

    It's not that a lot of these channels are filled with thoughtful and mind-provoking programming anyway, but I don't want to see a bunch of boys sweating while running up and down a court to sink a ball in a net on nearly every channel.

  • Taking up space

    I was looking for something in that little closet by the bathroom where we keep guest towels, Band-Aids, sun tan lotion, mosquito repellent and such. Up on the top shelf there was a metal guard the hospital used when they set Josh’s broken arm. A little closer examination revealed the ace bandage used to strap it on. Folks, Josh was in the first grade when he broke that arm. Today, he is on the back side of 30 and expecting his second and third child in May. And we’re still holding on to his arm brace.