Today's News

  • Couple's history of domestic violence ends in tragedy

    Charles Hall, 57, and Malinda Williams, 37, had a history of domestic violence. On Monday morning, just after 10:30, that history came to a head.

    Hall walked into the Winn-Dixie bakery and shot Williams once in the upper left chest area. On his way out of the store he shot himself in the leg. He then drove a few miles west to Kelly’s Jr. No. 9 and shot himself in the chest. Williams was taken by ambulance to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, where she was listed in stable condition early Monday afternoon. Hall was pronounced dead at the scene.

  • It's why they do what they do

    After working with and covering the Havana Relay for Life, I found myself wondering about the people who commit to working so hard on similar events. Beyond the obvious reasons, I wondered what makes people commit to such involvement.

    Then I began to think about how we can be involved in making the world a better place on a daily basis. And that started me to thinking about random acts of kindness.

  • Letters to the Editor: April 29 Edition

    Sam Hawkins has to go to trial for a horse that Gadsden County killed and did not belong to him? Well, I am ashamed to tell anyone that I live in Gadsden County. Next time, county manager, don't overfeed the animal.

    Mr. Mathis admitted in an oral statement to the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office that the horse belonged to him and not Mr. Hawkins, so why did the State Attorney's Office arrest the wrong man? When Mr. Hawkins was over the Gadsden County NAACP, he helped a lot of people in the county, but he also told the county commissioners and others when they were wrong.

  • Midway shooting leaves one man dead, another wounded

    Gadsden County Sheriff's Office investigators are still trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together that will clear up events that took place Sunday night in Midway that left one man dead and another wounded.

    Kenneth Moran, 25, died just before dawn Monday morning of a gunshot wound to the head. Anthony Chavers Jr. remains at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital with a wound to the shoulder and back.

  • Relay for Life kicks off tonight in Quincy

    Quincy's Relay For Life to benefit the American Cancer Society gets underway at 6 p.m. April 23 at the city track field on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The event will begin with honorary chairperson Cynthia Hayes Riley leading the Survivors Lap.

    The theme this year is "Imagine A World With More Birthdays." Melissa Robbins, acting chairperson, expects more than 40 teams to participate in the 18-hour event which ends April 24 at noon. The goal is to raise $60,000.

  • A little down-home humor to cure the pollenated blues

    I have to admit, I got a little homesick last week. It was Masters week in Augusta, after all, and I was missing all that goes with it. I even missed the joy of yelling at out-of-towners who don’t know where to go and then turn around in all the wrong places.

    I miss seeing the grounds, with all the azaleas and dogwoods, and the green, green, very green grass. Oh, you can see azaleas and dogwoods other places, but they’re just not the same as those at the Masters.

  • Sometimes you just gotta go and get it

    When there is a story out there you have to go and get it in order to explain it to the reader.

    Last week I was having lunch and Alex Boques, whom I've known for several years, came over to my table and said, that he would like to ask me something. He wanted to know if I knew how the city decides where to put stop signs. I know where Alex lives and I also knew that a stop sign had been placed there a few weeks ago.

  • Church News

    • New Beginnings Assembly of God in Havana is hosting “Living an Extraordinary Life,” to help attendees answer the question, “Can my life get any better?” The programs are being held on Sunday morningsat 10:30 a.m.. For more information, call 364-5137.

    • Take it to the Streets Ministry Inc. hosts a community Bible study at Carter-Parramore Academy the first and third Monday each month at 7 p.m. Refreshments are served.

  • Community Calendar

    A Career Expo will be held at Gadsden Technical Institute April 16 from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Anyone interested in the programs offered at the school is encouraged to attend this free, informational event. A parade will be held at 4 p.m. that afternoon.


  • Wal-Mart to hire for remodel in Quincy

    The Quincy Wal-Mart, located on Pat Thomas Parkway, recently began an extensive renovation. The store will receive a full remodel from the inside out and will represent the latest in Wal-Mart store design and customer experience.

    The new design is based on feedback from customers and will feature a clean, open and bright new look in the store with wider aisles, low-profile shelving, bright interior paint scheme and lighting, and easy-to-read signage to help customers find the products they need.