Today's News

  • Good things are happening

    It’s funny how things go sometimes. In recent months, the Times has been congratulated for its coverage of some controversial subject matter, yet kicked in the teeth for the same coverage. We’ve received positive comments from those who like that our Web site, www.gadcotimes.com, is the best local source for breaking news in the county. Yet we hear commentary from those who are upset that our print coverage is sometimes not as current.

    So I wanted to take the time to explain why this is.

  • Serving others is way better than a nap

    It's funny how sometimes things never seem to work out the way I've planned but almost always end up better.

    Like everyone in the area I had paid strict attention to the weather reports all week. I monitored each report on television, radio and the Internet. It was going to be bone-chilling cold and I was thinking all week that I was finally going to get the weekend I began longing for several months ago.

  • Local students, school staff challenged in 'Two Quarters, One World' campaign for Haitians

    School children in Gadsden County said they were touched by the devastation they’ve seen on television following the earthquake in Haiti Jan. 12.

    “I would be sad if that happened to me and I had nothing,” said Stewart Street Elementary student Talia Hall.

  • City approves SEPA increase

    City of Quincy officials approved, on first reading, the Southeastern Power Administration-increased wholesale power rate change to customers of the Jim Woodruff Dam Project, of which Quincy is a member, by 72 percent.

    The effective date of the increase was Sept. 2009, since Quincy is one of six preferred customers for the project that is impacted by the increase.

    Several months ago city commissioners directed staff to prepare an ordinance that would lower cost adjustment as the SEPA increase is passed along to the customers.

  • Purse snatched outside tax office

    Gadsden County resident Lisa Duprey was robbed Jan. 11 as she attempted to enter the Tax Collector's Office on South Calhoun Street in Quincy.

    According to a report released by the Quincy Police Department, Duprey parked and got out of her truck with the purse on her wrist. When she leaned into the truck to retrieve her vehicle registration from the center console, she felt her purse being snatched from her wrist.

  • Anonymous tip leads to arrest of Quincy men

    An anonymous tip led Quincy police officers to a home on South Shadow Street and the arrest of two Quincy men.  

    Benny Mason, 28, has been charged with one count each of burglary of a dwelling and criminal mischief. Ed Paris, 30, has been charged with one count of burglary of a dwelling.

    According to a report released by the Quincy Police Department, the tipster saw two men kick in the back door in and called police. Officers arrived at the home a few minutes after the call was made at approximately 9:30 p.m.

  • No really...pun intended

    I get a kick out of puns. Good ones. Not the really sad attempts that are just plain dumb. I like the clever ones that you have to think about a bit.

    So I thought this week, I’d share some of my favorites. Please...to enjoy.

    • The famous general died and his ashes were to be taken to Arlington National Cemetery. All the air lines were booked and there were no other planes available. Someone came up with the idea of using a helicopter. It arrived at 5 a.m. The newspapers reported the incident with "the whirly bird gets the urn."

  • Don't knock it 'til you've tried it

    Lt. Jim Corder of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office, with approval from Sheriff Morris Young, last week engaged in one of the most humane acts that has occurred in Gadsden County in many years. He was the catalyst behind getting 50 homeless people from Gadsden and Leon counties a warm place to sleep. These people, many of whom fell on hard times because they lost their jobs due to a sluggish economy, would not have had a warm place to lay their heads had the temporary (5 days only) shelter not been open.

  • Along Twin Ponds Road

    I couldn’t help but think that Santa Claus had just entered my mother-in-law’s room at the nursing home.

    When Dr. Oliver walked through the doorway of the room he had a smile on his face and his eyes twinkled. My wife and I had just done our best to get her mother to smile. We were making our departure feeling frustrated and lost, as we so often do when we are unable to somehow manage to make her mother feel better.

  • Pastor shares story of church’s faded flag

     I am the pastor of Ole Gospel Tabernacle Church on Geddie Road  in Tallahassee. Since the flag cannot speak, let me speak for her. "I was looked upon each day on Geddie Road through the wind, rain and sunshine. I was not ashamed to be identified with the church where I flew. I was looked upon in Iraq, Fallujah and Habayniah. I was saluted by young men and women, as well as high-ranking officers. I saw the same young men and women fall in death while fighting for your freedom in America. I was properly cared for by those who loved me.