Would you rather...?

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By Angye Morrison

One of the most entertaining – and frustrating – pastimes out there right now is the “Would You Rather...?” game. One person asks the question, and the other has to answer it. You must answer. No passing, no saying, “Neither.” You have to pick one. Sounds easy enough. But what if the questions were really hard? Like these...

Live without music or without TV?

Lose your legs or lose your arms?

Be blind or deaf?

In a fire, save a sibling or a stranger?

Have three eyes or webbed feet?

Meet the president of the U.S. or Billy Graham?

Find true love or $1 million?

Always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again?

Be gossipped about or never talked about at all?

Be able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say?

End hunger or hatred?

Get even or get over it?

Know it all or have it all?

Always get first dibs or the last laugh?

Give bad advice or take bad advice?

Forget who you were or who everyone else was?

Have one wish granted today or three wishes granted in 10 years?

Be the sand castle or the wave?

Overthrow a dictatorship or lead one?

Write the worst book in history or record the worst song in history?

Be a tree or live in a tree?

Meet an alien visitor or travel to outer space?

Be forgotten or hatefully remembered?

Admit that you once commited a horrible crime, do the time in prison, and get on with your life, or never admit it to anyone, live an honest life from then on, and deal with the guilt?

Or what if the questions were really gross, with neither answer something you could actually follow through on?

Snort half a shaker of pepper or a live bee?

While starving on a desert island, eat a live moth with a body the size of a tomato worm and wing span of 4 inches or eat a dead hummingbird with the feathers?

Immerse your naked body in a bathtub of cockroaches or dive naked head-first into a pool of tobacco spit?

Eat a shot glass full of live wasps or eat a shot glass?

Have every single hair on your body plucked or every fingernail ripped off?

Drink a shot of yak spit or a teaspoon of snail slime?

OK...on that gross note...I’ll stop.

But which would you rather think about...the poor economy and having more month than money....or whether you’d be willing to drink a gallon of ketchup or a gallon of mustard?

I’d go with the ketchup...

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