We waited to provide you the local perspective

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By The Staff

I received a phone call last week regarding our front page. I was not in when the person called, however, I was given the message soon after I returned.

The person’s beef? Our front page didn’t have our new president’s photo on it. I spoke with the person, and I have to say, she was quite pleasant as she made her case. We wished one another “good day” and the conversation ended.

Our front page did have inauguration coverage. We published a story on some local people who boarded a bus and made the trek to D.C. for the historical event, along with many who drove their own vehicles.

We also featured a story about a local 98-year-old who remembered darker days and expressed hope for our country under new leadership. There was another story and other photos as well.

Inside, we featured two columns on our editorial page about the inauguration. I didn’t write one, because I knew we’d have others who would. Alice DuPont did a beautiful job, masterfully tackling a tough subject with grace, all the while weaving into her words the anticipation of a brighter future.

And even on another page, we featured photographs and a story about a local event that celebrated the inauguration.

We didn’t have President Barack Obama’s photo on our front page – that doesn’t mean we didn’t cover it, nor does it mean we didn’t feel it was important.

For a few weeks now, we’ve been asking people who were going to attend the inauguration to share their photos and their commentary with us. And people responded.

We are happy to share with you in this issue the comments, memories and photos our readers sent us, both in print and on our Web site, www.gadcotimes.com. For those who didn’t get to attend the inauguration of our country’s first African-American president, we hope this will provide a look inside and an opportunity for us all to link together as we remember and share. We couldn’t do this in last week’s edition because we had to wait for people to return from Washington.

So... we didn’t feature the president’s photo on the front page last week. What we did instead was to feature local people and what this moment in history means to them – we are, after all, a local newspaper. This publication has, and will continue to be, all about Gadsden County.

And our front page – along with what’s inside and online – will always reflect that.