Strip club ahead for Midway?

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By Alice Du Pont

The road to a 10,000-square-foot adult entertainment center in Midway’s 10-90 Industrial Park will be easier to navigate now after the council voted to hear the first reading of an ordinance at the July regular meeting to allow the sale of alcohol.


Brian Boulware, a Tallahassee businessman, said his intent is to invest $400,000 into the venture that will be “nice and first-class.”


The city already has a 2004 ordinance on the books permitting adult entertainment, but it prohibits the sale of alcohol in such an establishment. Boulware maintained he needs to sell alcohol to make a profit. 


“The first year we’re trying to donate $30,000 to the Midway Police Department. You already have it (adult entertainment) going on every weekend in the hotels down here; it’s done in every major city,” he said, informing the council he is a Christian of the Baptist denomination. 


He said the facility will have no signage and the plan is to giveback to 501(3) C charitable organizations that give college scholarships to young people.


“We have a thank-you letter from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority thanking us,” Boulware said.


He plan is to hire off-duty Midway police officers each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 5:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. when business will be at its peak.


While there will be independent contractors, or dancers, working at the establishment, the ordinance calls for no touching or straddling and rules are very strict when it comes to attire the dancers can wear.


“Customers will come in and be greeted by hostesses in the front part of the business. The middle section will have large-screen TVs, pool tables and games, while the back area will be used for fellowship,” Boulware said when describing the layout of the business to council members.


The issue is the sale of alcohol and the state regulates these kinds of businesses to one per 10,000 residents, so Midway wouldn’t have another in the near future.


“You got my attention when you said it’s happening in our hotels on Friday and Saturday nights and its unregulated?” asked Council Member David Knight, who was the only council member who voted against considering changing the ordinance to include the sale of alcohol.


Mayor Jerrod Holton said because the ordinance is on the books, there isn’t much the council can legally do if Boulware meets all the requirements.


“People pay big money for this kind of entertainment,” Holton said. “On the personal side I have no problem with it.”