Speed, smoke on the water

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By Cheri Harris

A speedy set of 27 boats hit the Apalachicola River on Saturday for Chattahoochee Thunder.


The event was presented by Southern Outlaw Dragboat Series and the city of Chattahoochee. Despite rain interruption, the event drew a crowd to the riverbank to watch the boats compete.

Race Chairman Linda Dunwoody said she had hoped for 30 boats in the inaugural event but she was pleased with the participation — and the spectator turnout.

“They’re still coming through the gate,” she said.

The results are as follows:



Drag Boat Race:

1. Donnie Foster

2. Maxwell Campbell

3. Tom Young

4. Dusty Anderson

5. Randy Williams

Bass and ski results:

1. Lee Collum

2. Duane Diamond

3. Tim Gillooly

4. Jose Verduzco

5. Roger Robinson

6. Chris Dunham

7. Bruce Callaway

8. Daniel Barrett

9. Terry Brown

Pro Mod results:

1. Talmadge 


2. Billy Calloway

3. Jimmy Melton

4. Tim Gillooly

5. Gary McIntosh

6. Maxwell Campbell

7. Brandon Whittaker

8. Bijon Anvar

9. MJ Curvin

Unlimited results:

1. Casey McClellan

2. Greg Brandon

3. Maxwell Campbell

Pro Drag results:

1. Casey McClellan

2. Greg Brandon