Remembering MJ

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By The Staff

The sudden death of legendary pop star Michael Jackson is a reminder that no matter how iconic you are you are mortal too.

His shocking death is no question, in my opinion, much larger than Elvis Presley's in 1977. People of all walks of life broke down in tears.

Michael never really had the formal education he needed because his father pushed him hard growing up in show business. He was a child prodigy with a sweet singing voice, and by the time he was older, his talent was the best, bar none. He became the King of Pop and filled arenas around the world.

Then came the scandals that humiliated him. After settling his child molestation cases and dealing with the fallout of his sister Latoya's book, Michael and his career would never recover. He ran into financial woes that led to him eventually selling his Neverland Ranch to pay off debts.

No matter the case, he will be remembered as a person who was more than an iconic entertainer. He was also a person who never really had a chance to know himself and live a little better life despite his megastar success.

Hopefully his death is a wake-up call for any young and up and coming hopeful wanting to make it in show business. First and foremost, put your trust in and share your wealth with God. Second, share your wealth and well-being with the less fortunate.

Randy Lemar White