Men accused of asking teen boys for sex

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Police say 3 teens beat 41-year-old who passed them explicit notes from 67-year-old Quincy resident

By Alice Du Pont

Two Quincy men, 67 year-old Elijah “Eli” Hall and 41-year-old Kenny Cox, were arrested June 25 on charges of stalking and solicitation for prostitution. 


According to a report on file with the Quincy Police Department, the incidents leading to the arrests started around mid-June when Hall gave two 17-year-old boys a note with his name and telephone number stating that he needed some help cutting grass. 

Inside the note, Hall had also allegedly written that he wanted to have sexual contact with both juveniles.

On June 25, the same juveniles claimed they had been approached by Hall and Cox earlier. The juveniles told police Cox passed them the second note about needing their help to cut grass. Inside the note allegedly were more explicit sexual advances.

That evening, around 8:30 Quincy Police responded to McDonalds in reference to a physical altercation. 

When they arrived, according to the police report, Cox was sitting on the curb and bleeding profusely. One of the teens approached officers and said he and another juvenile had battered Cox because “he had tried them” with the explicit contents of the letter.. He showed officers another note that Cox had allegedly passed to another 17-year-old boy at the restaurant. That juvenile, who had left the scene, was later identified as being involved in the altercation. He, too, indicated that Cox and Hall had approached him about a sexual encounter,

The three teens were taken to the police department and read their Miranda Rights. They waived their rights, and said they wanted to talk about the incidents.They were not charged.

The boys gave police their account of events leading to the altercation at McDonalds which occurred after the teens claimed Cox handed one of them another explicit note.

Cox was arrested on charges of stalking and solicitation for prostitution; the charges carry a bond of $2,500 and $10,000, respectively. He remains in the county jail. Hall was charged with stalking, which carries a $2,500 bond and solicitation for prostitution, which carries a $15,000 bond. After paying the bond, Hall was released  June 28.