Jaguars dominate Bearcats, 33-14

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By Pat Faherty

It was all about leadership, poise and experience.

Last Friday night, the East Gadsden Jaguars made a rare visit to

stateline neighbor Bainbridge, Ga., to start the 2012 football season.

And it didn’t hurt that several hundred Gadsden County football fans

made the trip as well.

No one was disappointed, at least on the Gadsden side of the stadium,

as the Jaguars came out ready to play.

But the Bearcats were also ready and put up a quick 7 points. The

Jaguars got their own TD, early in the second quarter, but Bainbridge

scored again a few minutes later to pull ahead 14-7.

Senior Kyl Francis returned their kickoff to midfield, setting up the

Jaguars for the tying touchdown.

It was an important drive in another aspect. Even this early in the

Game, veteran East quarterback Traveze “Stick” Robinson clearly

demonstrated he is in charge of the offense and playing at a higher level than last year.

He drops back quicker and sets up quicker, and is passing with a new accuracy.

From the mid-second quarter on, East dominated the game. The Bearcats

could not get their passing going and were having trouble containing

the Jaguars whether in the air or on the ground.

And when East did run, both Trini Charlton and Jarrell Reynolds found

some big holes.

East put up another touchdown in the third quarter, but the point

after was blocked making it 20-14. East scored again, but the 2-point

attempt failed. At the end of three, it was 26-14.

The Bearcats threatened in the 4th, but could not find the end zone.

With under a minute left, East would score one more time on a pass from

Robinson to Janorris Cunningham, and it ended with East winning 33-14.

“We started out slow, but I knew we’d be slow; we’ve got a lot of

young kids,” Fuller said. “It was tough for their first game out of the

box, but talent took over.

“This team here is unproven,” he said, but when they get going they’re

going to be pretty tough.”

“I think we’re going to make a run for the state title this year,”

said Robinson. “I feel very confident in my young boys stepping up and

taking a leadership role.”

When asked about his favorite receivers, he said all of his receivers

are his favorites.



Traveze Robinson 17/25/268/3 TD/0 Int



Team 38/151/2 TD


Trini Charlton 11/90

Jarrell Reynolds 18/72/1 TD




Janorris Cunningham 8/140/2 TD

Jarrell Reynolds 3/44

Jalleel Reynolds