Gadsden students make steady gains on FCAT

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By The Staff

More mathematicians are in the making in Gadsden County and there are FCAT scores in to prove it.

FCAT scores show that Gadsden County students continue to make gains on the yearly administered high stakes testing. More importantly, more children are scoring at or above the state average and many schools are seeing the highest achievement levels since the inception of the high stakes test. Scores reflect that students in grades 4-10 are showing steady growth in reading and math.

In math, 75 percent of the district’s tested grades performed at historic highs, and almost 88 percent made gains. Fourth graders improved by 13 points, fifth grade students improved by 10 points, sixth grade improved 10 points, seventh grade by two points, eighth grade by two points, and 10th grade increased district-wide by four points.

In reading, the district continued to make progress with more than a third of students scoring higher than ever before and nearly 88 percent at or above 2008 results. A review of the district’s reading scores reveal that fourth graders improved five points, sixth graders by six points and seventh graders by seven points.

An overall review of the district’s FCAT scores show that the students made progress in nearly every grade except fifth and 11th grade science and reading, and math among ninth graders. In science, scores improved an overall three points in the district’s middle schools.

Superintendent Reginald James credits the gains to the hardworking parents, teachers, administrators and community.

“We keep moving forward and it is only because of the tireless contributions of others to our schools,” he said. He said he plans to press for the full implementation of the Continuous Improvement Model to drive instruction and ensure that the most effective staff is on board at the start of the upcoming school year.

“We said, ‘No Excuses,’ and that remains our motto,” he said.