First day of school at George W. Munroe

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By Pat Faherty

They wandered in with timid wide-eyed stares, clutching school supplies and searching for where they should be in the maze of corridors and identical classroom doors.

It was raining and there were tears.

They were the adults, the parents, guardians and grandparents bringing their children to the first day of school at George W. Munroe Elementary.

Some had trouble parking and finding the office; others just shuffled along after their kids.

And the kids, in their bright red shirts, khaki pants and backpacks, seemed a lot more at ease. There were sleepy pre-K students, wide-eyed first graders and those cocky upperclassmen -- second and third graders.

After the long summer they were back in their world. They knew who their new teachers were, where their classroom and the cafeteria were and the shortest way to get there.

The ones who came by bus barely slowed down as they unloaded and quickly merged with the crowd.

Inside the school office – command central – the staff was busy answering questions and providing directions. Early on the most popular spot was the bulletin board with every class, its teacher and all the students listed.

At one corridor intersection, ESE teacher Angela Sanchez had gathered her class. There was no doubt from their faces, that she and her students were glad school was finally back in session.

As the district’s largest elementary school, Munroe created its own traffic pattern on the rainy opening day, but the morning went smoothly and things will soon be routine.

Arriving in their brightly decorated room where the attendance board was up and class rules posted on the wall, Sanchez and her exceptional student education class quickly got down to work. She and parent volunteer Illym Maizano stayed busy helping students settle in to start their projects and a new school year.