Colorful crowd-pleaser

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Times Reporter

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Quincy hosted an all-day festival on Mar. 1. The event was open to everyone in the community. Michael Somers, the pastor at St. Thomas, said the church intended to bring people together through the event. 

The day began with a yard sale that stretched across the church lawn. The festival began later in the day and lasted into the evening. Musicians sang and played intermittently throughout the extravaganza. Visiting dance groups also performed on the lawn, twirling around among the onlookers. The crowd grew as the day faded. 

A variety of authentic recipes were available at the festival. Members from the church community prepared fresh dishes where people could stand and watch them cook. Ingredients sizzled on open grills and wide skillets while lines of customers formed. 

Somers wouldn’t venture a guess at the number of guests the church received. People consistently arrived and left during the entire event.