Authors visiting library

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Linger Longer


Dr. Carolyn E. Poole, Director

Congrats, Chattahoochee, there’s a triple treat in store for you. Three special authors are coming to town next week.

Ellen Thomas, author of “The Bipolar Express”, will speak about her new book at the Cowen Public Library on Monday, May 16th at 5:00 p.m. The story tells of a mother’s daily challenges and victories raising a child with developmental disabilities. Her adopted daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. The book is not a clinical account, but rather, chronicles an emotional rough ride through sixteen years of hoarding, shoplifting, manic episodes, and suicide attempts. The family endured tragic times with little assistance due in part to the seeming lack of knowledge, training, or awareness of teachers and school administrators.

“I wrote this book in hopes of educating others on mental disabilities by dropping the cloak of secrecy that brings shame and excuses based on lies rather than truth,” Thomas penned.

Toward the end of next week, two fiction writers will grace the Cowen Public Library with their novels and conversation about writing. Rhett DeVane, author of “Mama’s Comfort Food” and Donna Meredith, author of “The Glass Madonna” are setting up shop in the library meeting room on Friday, May 20th, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Originally from Chattahoochee, Rhett DeVane’s story is a humorous tale about a woman who returns to her southern hometown to reunite with estranged family and in the process learns to live an authentic life.

Donna Meredith’s book weaves together the lives, loves, heartbreaks, and triumphs of a family of glassmakers and one woman’s determination to create her own destiny. If you missed hearing Donna’s interesting presentation about women in literature at the Havana Public Library, here’s another opportunity to tap into her expertise.

Thomas, DeVane, and Meredith all write of family issues that nearly everyone can relate to and gain new insight from exploring. Signed copies of their works will be available at the programs.  

You are invited to meet and greet these three talented authors next week at the Cowen Public Library, 300 Maple Street in Chattahoochee. The events are free and open to the public. Please phone 663-2707 for more information. Come in, and linger longer!