en This, too, shall pass (really) <p class="rtejustify"> In retrospect, it would have been a great idea to ask all the staffers here at the Times to write a few paragraphs about what they&rsquo;re thankful for this edition. Everybody&rsquo;s list is always different because every life path is different, even though some may run parallel for a long, long time.<br /> But once a parallel line starts deviating by any amount &mdash; even&nbsp; just a degree or two, over time the separation becomes more and more pronounced until those lines wind up in vastly different places.<br /> 4GEN Journal <p> As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, let&rsquo;s remember that the holiday&rsquo;s name is a compound word &mdash; Thanks and Giving. Take these few moments to consider my ideas for enhancing Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season ahead.<br /> Each of us has much to be thankful for &mdash;our lives, families, friendships and work that fulfills us.&nbsp; While there is no perfection in life, let&rsquo;s admit that the glass is more than half full for most of us, most of the time.<br /> Poised for a comeback <p> A few Saturdays ago I had to take my time getting back home because of tourists lurching down the road on Segways. That&rsquo;s right, Segways in Quincy.<br /> Until then the only place I had seen them used by sightseers was in downtown Chicago.<br /> I think the Porchfest organizers deserve kudos for continuing the quirky tradition of live music outdoors at private homes and for the teamwork that brought the Segways here.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> The baseball season is finally over, and the New York Mets did not win it all.<br /> Yes, the Kansas City Royals, a truly better team won the World Series.<br /> I remain proud of my Mets. Who wouldn&rsquo;t be, when your favorite team won a National League pennant for the first time since 2000?<br /> However, more important, for me, are two players from the Mets who really stood out as heroes and role models for our kids.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> &ldquo;Semper Paratus&rdquo; is the U.S. Coast Guard&rsquo;s motto; it means &ldquo;always ready.&rdquo; It has been one of my life&rsquo;s guiding principles to live by.<br /> Humility is another of the goals I strive for on a daily basis.<br /> Trying to be humble, when I am able, requires much continual prayer.<br /> Sept. 23 marked the 56th anniversary of the day I entered the Coast Guard on active duty.<br /> My long association with the outfit has made more of an impact on my life than anything.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> I hope you are one moved in a positive way to the beauty and splendor of autumn and able to observe the spectacular changes of color at this wonderful time of year.<br /> Most Floridians, outside of Gadsden County would probably have to drive fairly long distances to view the fall foliage.<br /> My wife and I missed viewing the fall colors while we lived in Florida.<br /> Before I left New England, I was always awed by the beauty of autumn and the graceful falling of the leaves of red, brown, green and yellow.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> Many South Carolinians living in Aiken County have lost their homes or can&rsquo;t gain access to them because of high flood water.<br /> Judy and I have once again been spared from the wrath of nature, or could it be the wrath of God?<br /> Too often lately I&rsquo;m convinced that our God, for reasons too deep to fathom, has spared us from peril or loss of our home and property.<br /> I&rsquo;m certain one day soon none of us will be spared from the wrath of God and mankind will no longer exist on this wonderful planet we call Earth.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> When is the last time you&rsquo;ve been read to?<br /> Was it a pleasant, soothing experience?<br /> Some of us are fortunate enough to remember our mothers or dads reading to us, especially at that greatest time of all, just before going off to sleep.<br /> At our house we had a set of books called the Junior Classics.<br /> Each of my brothers and sister had a favorite story my mother would read.<br />