en Along Twin Ponds Road <p> Thank you, dear friends, for taking the time to email me some of your thoughts on my recent columns.<br /> Most of my loyal readers must know by now how much I value any feedback you are willing to offer about the worth of this<br /> column.<br /> I&rsquo;ve shared with you more than once how much I love writing for you each week and am honored to be doing so and now entering into my eighth year.<br /> I am used to sharing the loneliness that so many writers experience often in our<br /> careers.<br /> 4GEN Journal <p> <strong>By Jack Levine</strong><br /> It was late August 1963. I was 12. I remember my father calling me into his room. The radio was on, and I heard cheering.&nbsp; It was not a baseball game kind of seemed louder and longer. It was a sustained roar.<br /> &nbsp;My dad, aged 72 and blind, pointed in the direction of the radio with one hand, and put his other index finger to his lips....he was telling me to be quiet....and to listen.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> It&rsquo;s been a while since I&rsquo;ve taken early morning walks in the cold.<br /> Not since living in Tucson a decade ago do I recall walking with gloves and hat on when the temperatures were at the freezing mark.<br /> The only difference is that in Tucson I wore my cowboy hat, and here, in Aiken, I wore my Carolina Gamecocks baseball cap.<br /> What I thought most about along my walk this morning is how fortunate I am to have a wonderful, brick home with plenty of heat and hot water, and living like royalty compared to those who are homeless.<br /> This, too, shall pass (really) <p class="rtejustify"> In retrospect, it would have been a great idea to ask all the staffers here at the Times to write a few paragraphs about what they&rsquo;re thankful for this edition. Everybody&rsquo;s list is always different because every life path is different, even though some may run parallel for a long, long time.<br /> But once a parallel line starts deviating by any amount &mdash; even&nbsp; just a degree or two, over time the separation becomes more and more pronounced until those lines wind up in vastly different places.<br /> 4GEN Journal <p> As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, let&rsquo;s remember that the holiday&rsquo;s name is a compound word &mdash; Thanks and Giving. Take these few moments to consider my ideas for enhancing Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season ahead.<br /> Each of us has much to be thankful for &mdash;our lives, families, friendships and work that fulfills us.&nbsp; While there is no perfection in life, let&rsquo;s admit that the glass is more than half full for most of us, most of the time.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> The baseball season is finally over, and the New York Mets did not win it all.<br /> Yes, the Kansas City Royals, a truly better team won the World Series.<br /> I remain proud of my Mets. Who wouldn&rsquo;t be, when your favorite team won a National League pennant for the first time since 2000?<br /> However, more important, for me, are two players from the Mets who really stood out as heroes and role models for our kids.<br /> Poised for a comeback <p> A few Saturdays ago I had to take my time getting back home because of tourists lurching down the road on Segways. That&rsquo;s right, Segways in Quincy.<br /> Until then the only place I had seen them used by sightseers was in downtown Chicago.<br /> I think the Porchfest organizers deserve kudos for continuing the quirky tradition of live music outdoors at private homes and for the teamwork that brought the Segways here.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> &ldquo;Semper Paratus&rdquo; is the U.S. Coast Guard&rsquo;s motto; it means &ldquo;always ready.&rdquo; It has been one of my life&rsquo;s guiding principles to live by.<br /> Humility is another of the goals I strive for on a daily basis.<br /> Trying to be humble, when I am able, requires much continual prayer.<br /> Sept. 23 marked the 56th anniversary of the day I entered the Coast Guard on active duty.<br /> My long association with the outfit has made more of an impact on my life than anything.<br />