en Along Twin Ponds Road <p class="rtejustify"> &ldquo;Hon, come quick! Look at the bluebird on the fence,&rdquo; Judy called out to me hurriedly.<br /> I didn&rsquo;t waste any time in rushing to the large kitchen window where she pointed to a proud, male bluebird sitting atop our fence in a dignified manner.<br /> His body was of that lush, deep blue, only a male Eastern bluebird possesses. His breast was prominent, displaying a magnificent shade of fiery orange.<br /> He allowed us to admire him for an instant before he flew away into the azure sky.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> &ldquo;Tra-la-la, tweedlee dee dee, it gives me a thrill to wake up in the morning to the mockin&rsquo; bird&rsquo;s trill.&rdquo;<br /> I&rsquo;ll bet many of you remember those unforgettable song<br /> lyrics.<br /> For those of you too young to remember this great singing lady from long ago, those are just some of the words from one of her most famous songs, &ldquo;Mockin&rsquo; Bird Hill.&rdquo;<br /> Rethinking Education <p> <strong>BY Bill Hoatson<br /> </strong></p> Rethinking Education <p> Usually in February my thoughts begin to wander toward the joys of the upcoming spring.<br /> School curriculums should be doing the same thing, but are not, becoming bogged down over increasing testing concerns. This sterility of the school atmosphere is a shame, because spring offers unprecedented opportunities for a real, diversified and hands-on education for all children.<br /> They should be planting and tending to gardens instead of being stuck in testing centers.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> Have you ever experienced an epiphany?<br /> I believe most of us have at least a time or two in our lives.<br /> &ldquo;Epiphany&rdquo; is defined as a time of sudden and profound understanding of something, as a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way.<br /> For example, someone has lost a set of keys and has been looking for them when suddenly has an idea of where they are.<br /> Another definition would be an appearance or manifestation, especially of a divine being.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> It seems that ever since my wife and I have been able to stream our movies all I&rsquo;ve been watching lately are &ldquo;chick flicks.&rdquo;<br /> I don&rsquo;t have a problem with my male ego or machismo and would readily confess to anyone, I watch more than my share of the Lifetime and Hallmark movie channels.<br /> In fact, I enjoy a good many of them and shed a tear or two over a good love story that focuses around a couple with some substance and likeability.<br /> Along Twin Ponds Road <p> Thank you, dear friends, for taking the time to email me some of your thoughts on my recent columns.<br /> Most of my loyal readers must know by now how much I value any feedback you are willing to offer about the worth of this<br /> column.<br /> I&rsquo;ve shared with you more than once how much I love writing for you each week and am honored to be doing so and now entering into my eighth year.<br /> I am used to sharing the loneliness that so many writers experience often in our<br /> careers.<br /> 4GEN Journal <p> <strong>By Jack Levine</strong><br /> It was late August 1963. I was 12. I remember my father calling me into his room. The radio was on, and I heard cheering.&nbsp; It was not a baseball game kind of seemed louder and longer. It was a sustained roar.<br /> &nbsp;My dad, aged 72 and blind, pointed in the direction of the radio with one hand, and put his other index finger to his lips....he was telling me to be quiet....and to listen.<br />