en Overcoming obstacles like Jags <p> East Gadsden High School&rsquo;s gym was packed Saturday as the last class of Jaguars walk the stage.<br /> As he gave his salutatorian address, David Sailor quoted former President Barack Obama, &ldquo;Change does not come if we wait for some other person or some oher time.&nbsp; We are the ones that we&rsquo;ve been waiting for.&nbsp; We are the change that we seek.&rdquo;<br /> Showing Panther pride till the end <p> West Gadsden High School&rsquo;s gymnasium reached maximum capacity last Friday evening, as several hundred people came out to watch the last senior class walk across the stage. The huge crowd of family members erupted in applauses and cheers when the Panther Class of 2017 began to march into the gym at 6:00p.m.<br /> Headed to Virginia <p> Five East Gadsden High School seniors are headed to Virginia University of Lynchburg.<br /> East Gadsden varsity football standouts LaDarion Lee, Malik Rollins, Thomas Jones, Ke&rsquo;Terrius Deans and Danny Baker signed scholarship letters of intent on Tuesday.&nbsp; Next year they will all hit the field as Dragons, playing for Virginia University of Lynchburg.<br /> Dozens of people packed East Gadsden&rsquo;s TV Production Room for the signing, most of whom were the athletes&rsquo; families and fellow students.<br /> Three teens arrested in robbery <p> Police arrested three Gadsden County teens in connection with a pair of robberies in Tallahassee.<br /> According to the Tallahassee Police Department arrest report, this is what&nbsp; happened:<br /> Police were called to Aspen Run apartments at Ocala Road in reference to a robbery at 5:02 a.m. Sunday.<br /> At 5:06 a.m., TPD officers were dispatched to the Kangaroo Gas Station at 1524 Jackson Bluff Road in reference to a robbery at 403 Hayden Road. A man told officers he was robbed at gunpoint around 4:45am.<br /> His legacy lives on <p> Alphonso Figgers spent most of his life fighting to abolish the death penalty in Florida. &nbsp;<br /> Figgers, 65, who died at home on April 26, was laid to rest Saturday.&nbsp; His funeral was Saturday at New Bethel A.M.E. in Quincy.<br /> Figgers was part of the Quincy Five, a group of young black men from Quincy who were charged and convicted in the 1970 murder of a Leon County sheriff&rsquo;s<br /> deputy. &nbsp;<br /> May Day merriment comes to Gretna <p> The City of Gretna&rsquo;s annual May Day Celebration on Friday, May 6 ,drew hundreds of people. &nbsp;<br /> Children jumped in bounce houses and climbed up inflatable slides, giggling as they slid down.&nbsp; The adults mingled,&nbsp; laughing and talking as they stood around, or sat in chairs, while enjoying the live music.<br /> A woman’s work ... <img src="" alt="Dot Ledbetter smiles for a photo Thursday, April 27, with her grandson Adam Thompson, at left, and her son John Ledbetter inside W&amp;L Tire Shop in Quincy. " title="Dot Ledbetter smiles for a photo Thursday, April 27, with her grandson Adam Thompson, at left, and her son John Ledbetter inside W&amp;L Tire Shop in Quincy. " align="left" hspace="6" width="63" height="85" /><p> Some things a person never forgets.&nbsp; Dorothy &ldquo;Dot&rdquo; Ledbetter said she remembers the day the United States declared war on Japan. &nbsp;<br /> &ldquo;I remember the Great Depression.&nbsp; I was little,&rdquo; Ledbetter said.<br /> Now she&rsquo;s 90.&nbsp; Her birthday was April 27, and she celebrated while doing what she loves &mdash; working.<br /> Ledbetter said she first started working shortly after World War II began, when all the men and boys were drafted.<br /> She was raised in Tallassee, Ala., and went to work at a cotton mill in a nearby town.<br /> Family members face murder charges in teen’s death <img src="" alt="Sabrina Robinson" title="Sabrina Robinson" align="left" hspace="6" width="113" height="85" /><p> Months after being accused of starving 17-year-old JaVontez Thomas, family members are now facing murder charges.<br /> A grand jury indicted Thomas&rsquo; mother, Sabrina Robinson; his sister Christina Harris; and his mother&rsquo;s boyfriend, Michael Butler on April 19.&nbsp; The charges were upgraded from manslaughter.<br /> The three were already facing charges for aggravated child abuse and neglect.<br />