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  • Execution date set for Banks

    A Gadsden County man convicted of murdering his wife of two months before raping and murdering her 10-year-old daughter will be executed Nov. 13, more than 22 years after committing the crimes.

    Chadwick Banks will die by lethal injection at the Florida State Prison in Starke, and will be the 20th person to be executed under Gov. Rick Scott’s term.

  • Poll:Yes to marijuana for medical use

    In regard to the upcoming general election, which includes a proposal on the Florida ballot to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, we polled Gadsden County residents under the condition of anonymity Oct. 11 at the Havana Pumpkin Festival for their opinions on legalizing marijuana. The 50 people we polled, as a group, were overwhelmingly for legalizing marijuana for medical use, but were nearly equally divided on whether the drug should be legalized for recreational use. You can see our results below.

  • On alert for unlikely outbreak

    The Florida Department of Health Gadsden and the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office hosted county first responders and media members at the Sheriff’s office Monday morning to talk about the procedures for handling an Ebola outbreak if one were to affect Gadsden

  • Midway mulls aggressive dogs, long meetings

    Midway Council Member Allean Robinson and City Manager Dot Johnson spoke about aggressive, stray pitbulls roaming Midway at the city’s Oct. 2 council meeting.

    Robinson began the conversation by saying she had to protect herself with a rock from an aggressive dog earlier that day. Johnson said 13 dogs were let loose in the city by an owner who moved away from Midway, and the city hasn’t received much support from animal control in rounding up the dogs.

  • Arguments, alcohol lead to local arrests

    Local law enforcement recently faced several unusual incidents that ended with suspects in handcuffs.

  • Panthers play hard at homecoming

    This past Friday night a swarm of Panther supporters assembled in Greensboro to watch West Gadsden play their homecoming game against Liberty County.  West Gadsden got off to a rocky start on both sides of the ball during the first quarter.  The Panthers had a hard time stopping the Bulldogs inside rushing attack, and the home team’s offense was unable to sustain a drive. At the end of the first quarter the Panthers found themselves trailing by a score of 13-0.

  • District tourneys ahead

    With the completion of this week, there will be but one week remaining in the regular season for Florida volleyball teams that are FHSAA members.  District tournaments begin the week of Oct. 20.  In action this past week:

    In inter-county contests, Tallavana Christian defeated West Gadsden in Greensboro in three straight games on Sept. 25.  The Lion faced FAMU this week in Class A District 1 action. East Gadsden was slated to host one of the strongest teams in Tallahassee, Florida High, on Tuesday of this week.   

  • Bittersweet victory

    Lesbia Blakely was prepared to do what so many military wives do — wait at home, taking care of her children while her husband was deployed overseas.
    About two months before her husband was scheduled to leave, she noticed a lump in her breast that concerned her. But by the time a biopsy revealed she had stage 3 cancer, he had already been sent to Iraq.

  • Commissioners reconsider Quincy Shuttle

    Kendrick Brown

    Times Reporter

  • City hall turmoil continues in Quincy

    Kendrick Brown

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