Today's News

  • Stop, Drop, Read takes district reps to Gretna

    Several children in Gretna were caught reading Dec. 1 as part of the Stop, Drop, Read campaign currently underway throughout Gadsden County.

    The campaign launched in early November, encouraging students to read each evening between the hours of 6 and 8 p.m. Parents are asked to make sure their porch lights are on to indicate their children are reading.

  • Medicine Chest recipient of large donation

    The Gadsden County Medicine Chest, managed by Gadsden Technical Institute’s Patient Care Technology program director and registered nurse Georgeann Reffner, recently received a donation of new and gently-used medical equipment and supplies.  

    The items were donated by sisters Elizabeth Domzalski of Placitas, N.M.  and Mary Suber of Quincy, who graciously donated the items in memory of their mother, Jeanett  Hunt  Spooner.  

  • Adults, juvenile arrested for home invasion

    Two adults and a juvenile have been arrested following the theft of $5,000 in cash from the Greensboro Highway home of Jose Benitez in mid-November.

    Ashley Knight, 19,  has been charged with felony grand theft and aggravated assault. Elijah Kirkland, 19, has been charged with felony grand theft, home invasion robbery with a firearm, armed burglary and aggravated assault. A 16-year-old has been charged with home invasion robbery with a firearm, armed burglary and aggravated assault.

  • ADAGE to bring new jobs to Gretna

    UPDATED Dec. 10, 2009

    Gretna city officials, along with Gadsden County Commissioners and representatives from the county’s chamber of commerce, announced Dec. 9 that a $250 million bioenergy plant will be built in Gretna.

    The 100-acre site is located in the Gretna Industrial Park on State Road 12. The facility will produce 50 megawatts of electricity, which officials from ADAGE LLC, the bioenergy company behind the project, say will power 40,000 homes.

  • Man charged for selling stolen property in Georgia

    Gadsden County Sheriff Office deputies arrested Freddie Lee Brown, 52, after he was identified as the man going back and forth across the Florida-Georgia line selling stolen tools and equipment just before Thanksgiving. Brown allegedly went to a Gadsden County auto repair shop that belongs to Robert Baxter to inquire about transmission repairs.

  • A wish list for Santa

    I ran across this the other day, and I thought it was so appropriate...please...to enjoy.


    Wish List for Santa

    In a world of greed and fear, Santa is unique.

    Everyone likes Santa and thinks he’s pretty neat.

    So why don’t we ask Santa for the things we really need,

    Instead of more of the useless junk for which the children plead.

    Why don’t we ask Santa and the reindeer and the sleigh,

    To help us solve the problems which confront the world today?

  • It's good to see it's out with the old, in with the new

    I don't know when they bought them but I'm glad they did. After decades, the city of Quincy has invested in new holiday lights. They look fabulous, too. Gone are the crusty and matted, once-green garlands that saw better days 10 years ago. Gone are the garish lights that were haphazardly thrown over the magnificent oaks on the courthouse lawn.

    Granted, there was a mistake made when the holly trees were hacked last week but everyone involved is sorry. Jack McLean, city manager, immediately acknowledged the mistake and vowed to never let it happen again.

  • Along Twin Ponds Road: When nature calls, it's best to answer

    The winter of ’54 was very cold and blustery in Southington, Conn.  We were nearly buried in snow.   Sliding (sledding) and ice skating were nearly impossible, and the town’s children didn‘t get to play much that particular winter.  I was a wee lad of 13.

     The town of Southington owned and operated the “Town Farm,” a place for homeless old men who could get room and board free if they did work on an actual, small farm next to the square, brick building that housed them.

  • Home invasions spur local LEOs to urge residents to be cautious

    According to Lt. Larry Gilyard of the Quincy Police Department, 12 burglaries have occurred in the past month in Quincy, and extreme violence has been used in three of the burglaries.

    Several days ago, a clerk from Fred's department store was robbed of over $5,000 when she left the store shortly before 9 p.m. with the evening deposit. The woman told police that when she left the store she was approached by two black men, wearing all black clothing, who pushed her into her vehicle before taking the money and running west behind the former IGA building.

  • Church News

    • St. Peter AME Church in Midway will host a winter revival Dec. 17-19, beginning at 7 p.m. nightly. Guest speaker is Pastor Sharon Hobbs.