Today's News

  • Road closed in Gadsden County due to flooding

    Florida Highway Patrol has issued a statement that it has closed Highway 12 in Gadsden County, between Concorde Road and Leon County, due to flooding.

    The statement did not indicate how long the road will be closed.

  • Tips on giving the bounce to counterfeit check scams

    It’s your lucky day! You just won a foreign lottery! The letter says so. And the cashier’s check to cover the taxes and fees is included. All you have to do to get your winnings is deposit the check and wire the money to the sender to pay the taxes and fees. You’re guaranteed that when they get your payment, you’ll get your prize.

  • Sand bags available to help local residents with flooding

    UPDATE 10:30 A.M. FRIDAY: Gadsden County has sandbags available to help local residents with flooding on their property. Bags can be picked up at the County Road and Bridge Department, the Gadsden Sheriff's Office garage and at Post Plant Road at Highway 12. Sand bags can be delivered to the elderly who are unable to pick them up. There is a 25-bag limit. For more information or for assistance, call the GCSO at 875-8825.

  • Phony payroll check leads to arrest

    Geneva Clines-Ruthedge of Cross City sits in the Gadsden County Jail after she attempted to cash a phony payroll check from the town of Havana. Clines-Rutledge, 24, who is wanted in Georgia and Florida on various check charges, didn't count on an off-duty Gadsden County Sheriff's deputy working at the local Piggly Wiggly when she went there Monday night.

  • Area road closings announced

    UPDATE 3:08 P.M. FRIDAY: Several area roads have been closed due to flooding. Fairbanks Ferry Road (CR 12); Sunny Hill Road, from Old Centerville Road to Thomasville Road (US 319); Crooked Road at State Route 20; and Beth Page Road, from CR 12 to the Georgia line.

    North Meridian Road (CR 155) at John Hancock Drive and Old St. Augustine Road, from Southwood Plantation Road to Williams Road, has been reopened.

  • Arrests made in Chattahoochee robbery

    Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested three Liberty County people in connection with the robbery of the Jai-Alai Shell station at the Chattahoochee Interstate-10 exit last week.

    Two juveniles, Ricky Mitchell, 15, and Carlton Hall, 17, are under secured detention at the Juvenile Detention Center in Tallahassee on charges of felony armed robbery. A female accomplice, 18-year-old Hillary Harrigill, is out of jail after posting bond.

  • Area leaders work to obtain stimulus dollars

    Gadsden County Board of Commissioners Vice Chair Doug Croley (Dist. 2) spoke to Havana Town Council members last week, requesting $2,500 to help hire an advocate to aid the county in obtaining federal stimulus dollars for the county.

  • Mother Nature unleashes: Residents, officials deal with flooding

    Gadsden County received an estimated 12.9 inches during the past few days, but there were no tornado touchdowns and only a few trees were uprooted, according to Maj. Shawn Wood of the Emergency Management Division of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office.

    "It was a good dry-run for us in preparation for hurricane season. Don't get me wrong, we had our share of problems from the storm but we were able to administratively handle things better," he said.

  • Resident complaints lead to drug arrests

    Complaints from citizens fed up with drug activity in their communities led to several arrests during the past two weeks, according to Lt. Jim Corder of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office Vice and Narcotics Unit.

    Warrants served on two trailers inside Varnadore's Trailer Park, west of Quincy, resulted in the arrest of three people. James Lovett, Yolanda NeSmith and Brittany Rentz were each arrested on charges of sale of crack cocaine. Corder said while Lovett and NeSmith lived in separate trailers, it was clear to authorities whether the two were working together.

  • Use what we already have in our county

    Come on, Gadsden County commissioners. Really now, you could not find someone that was born and raised or moved here years ago and has made Gadsden County his or her permanent home worthy of being considered for the county manager's position?

    I am so sick of you all reaching beyond Gadsden County to seek talent instead of utilizing what we already have here in this county. A person who truly cares about the county and will be here until he or she dies.