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  • Students make life-changing visit to jail

    It was a field trip like nothing the 40 students from Florida A&M University's Black Male College Explorers program had ever experienced. At the request of program counselor Barry Young of Greensboro, Gadsden County Sheriff Morris Young gave permission to show the students what it’s like behind bars.

    Young, along with corrections officers and inmates, didn't sugar-coat the facts as they told students the reality of jail.

  • Community Calendar

    Gadsden County 4-H is seeking 4-H alumni to help celebrate the 100th year of Florida 4-H. Call Sydney Pryer at 875-4682 or e-mail to dpvtrainer@yahoo.com.


  • Dig a little deeper before you raise your hand in support

    Picture this: You’ve been diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis is not good. You’ve had to wait a year for surgery, meanwhile, the malignancy has spread.

    Now you finally get to see a surgeon, and not one you’ve selected, but one that was selected for you. You’re told, “It’s too late. There’s nothing we can do for you.” You’re refused any further treatment.

  • Refreshed, renewed, ready to go

    When you don't think you need to get away, that's exactly when you do. I just came back from vacation and I realized, after one day out of the office, I was past due. My vacation this year was to Anchorage, Alaska. I had written on the wall calendar in my office "Alice's Vacation Adventure 12-18" and looked at it every single day.

  • Community Calendar

    Football physicals for East Gadsden High School will take place Aug. 1 at the school gym. Seniors should report at 12:45 p.m., juniors at 1:30, sophomores at 2:15 and freshmen at 3 p.m. There is a $6 charge. Form covering medical history and bearing parent signature must be filled out prior to physical. All players must have a physical prior to first practice, Aug. 10.


  • Mentons celebrate 50 years together

    Mr. and Mrs. Washington Menton will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Aug. 1 by renewing their vows. The ceremony will be held at 3 p.m.at St. Hebron AME Church in Quincy.

  • Former officer in TMH following crash in Calhoun County



    Former Quincy police officer Ted Smith was arrested Tuesday on charges of attempted murder, upgraded from the original expected charged of domestic batter, in addition to charges of burglary with victims assaulted, violation of injunction and felony criminal mischief.


  • Readers disturbed by columns

    What kind of jerk would bash teachers?  I was the only secretary in an elementary school for 6 years and I can truthfully say the teachers made my day.  And what would I have done had it not been for the wonderful teachers I had through my 14 years of school? 

  • Local student earns accolades for leadership in rowing

    Emily Massey is a small girl. She stands 5', 1" tall and weighs 95 pounds. But her size is perfect for her position in the sport of rowing. She's a coxswain. The medals she has won in the sport hang heavy around her slender neck and indicate that she is good at her job.

    Massey, who graduated from Maclay School this year, has participated in rowing since the she was in sixth grade. In an area where football is king and basketball is queen, the sport of rowing attracts little attention.

  • Karate ‘kid’ seeks to have fun with family, winds up finding purpose

    What started as a way to have fun with his daughter turned into a life-changing activity for Barnie Ross. That wouldn’t be a big deal – except that the activity was karate and Ross was in his 60s at the time.

    In 1999, Ross and his wife, Carol, watched their daughter in a tournament, and according to him, “She looked like she was having a ball.”