Today's News

  • County’s 6-cent gas tax extended to 2044

    The Board of Gadsden County Commissioners voted to extend the 6-cent local option fuel tax until the end of 2044 at a special meeting this past month.

    The matter was voted on at the June 30 special meeting instead of a normal commission meeting because the county had to alert the state of whether it wanted to extend the tax by the next day.

    The tax produces millions of dollars worth of additional tax revenue for the county by taxing every gallon of motor fuel and diesel fuel sold in the county.

  • Chattahoochee opts for daylong Fourth of July festivities

    Chattahoochee hosted its second annual Independence Day celebration by the river.


  • First man exonerated from death row dies

    The national recognition for David Keaton may be about his story as the first man in the nation to be exonerated from death row, but his family and friends will remember him for the good times they had before and after that ordeal.

  • Reliving history in Greensboro

    The West Gadsden Historical Society continued its efforts Saturday to raise money for the revamping of a Greensboro house they bought by hosting a July 4 celebration.

  • Three injured in house fire

    A home in Quincy’s Scott-town community was destroyed Tuesday morning when a fire fully engulfed the house.

    According to firefighters from Quincy’s fire department, the fire began around 8:30 a.m. Family members of the home’s inhabitants believe the fire began when a minor was playing with fireworks — possibly sparklers — and didn’t properly dispose of them afterward.

  • Man accused of smuggling drugs into jail

    A Tallahassee man arrested June 23 in Midway for out-of-county warrants is now accused of trying to  smuggle drugs into the Gadsden County Jail.

    According to arrest reports, LaJuan Bradwell-Williams, 25, was spotted by an officer driving a car through Midway that had a registration sticker which had expired in December. When the officer ran the vehicle’s tag, it was discovered that the tag had actually expired in 2012.

    The officer took Bradwell-Williams into custody after discovering he had an active warrant.

  • Police say burglary suspects caught in the act

    Quincy police say they caught two suspects June 22 in the middle of a home burglary.

    Jivaris Gaymon, 29, and Ruane Taylor, 28, have been charged with burglary and drug offenses.

    According to arrest reports, the home’s owner contacted officers after seeing bodies move around the house from the outside.

    Officers arrived on the scene, knocking on the door and announcing themselves as officers in an attempt to get Gaymon and Taylor to come outside. When no one came to the door, officers made their way inside, allegedly finding Gaymon and Taylor.

  • Pair of Greensboro teachers cleared in cheating scandal

    Over the past four years, a mother and daughter who teach at Greensboro Elementary School say they have felt judgment and ire from neighbors, colleagues and ultimately state investigators over accusations that they assisted students in cheating on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

    “It’s been like walking through hell’s fire with no shoes on,” said Annette Walker of the ordeal. “People were looking at us like we did it and got away with it.”

  • Celebrating career of service

    After 42 years of service with the Gadsden County UF/IFAS Extension, the longtime director of the extension’s initiatives has called it a day — and he ended his career in the same building he started it in.

    Friends, family and colleagues gathered this past Friday evening at the Livestock Pavilion in Quincy to show their gratitude for and wish an enjoyable retirement to Dr. Henry Grant.

  • Gadsden health official under scrutiny

    An investigative report published by Florida’s health department in April revealed the interim director of Gadsden County’s health department to have embellished the educational credentials on his resume.