Today's News

  • Our graduates will prosper, no doubt about it

    This is a happy time of the year for high school seniors. Their journey in life has just passed another milestone and for most of them the future seems bright. Some will go to the military, some will go to college and others will opt for the world of work. Whatever their choice, the decisions they make now will, for the most, shape their lives.

  • The more things change, the more they stay the same

    I think I know what the problem is with the automobile industry. They are all making the same car! A Buick Lucerne pulled in front of me at the four way stop at Stonewall and Magnolia and it looked just like a Toyota Avalon or a Chevy Monte Carlo or a Kia Amanti. These days you can’t tell who is driving what. It reminds me of an old Pete Seeger song, “and their all made out of ticky tacky and they all come out the same.”

  • Would you rather...?

    One of the most entertaining – and frustrating – pastimes out there right now is the “Would You Rather...?” game. One person asks the question, and the other has to answer it. You must answer. No passing, no saying, “Neither.” You have to pick one. Sounds easy enough. But what if the questions were really hard? Like these...

    Live without music or without TV?

    Lose your legs or lose your arms?

    Be blind or deaf?

    In a fire, save a sibling or a stranger?

    Have three eyes or webbed feet?

  • It's all about the schedule

    I've been getting a lot of flack lately from family and friends about not answering my telephone. The only reason I have caller ID is so I can decide when I don't want to answer. I would say that 90 percent of the time I answer my telephone. Even if I just say I'm busy and I'll return the call later.

  • So much to teach, so little time to learn

    My eldest son’s mother-in-law ain’t too smart. My son’s mother is even worse! They had their faces inches away from the newborns. I was thinking “breathing room” but maturity (read survival instincts) has taught me to quietly ponder way long and hard in situations like this and then don’t say nothing! I tried to look over their shoulders but it was no use. They had the babies completely blocked out.

    “Hayden’s mouth is a little smaller.”

  • A mixed up bag of crow

    I had very mixed emotions last week.

    As I was working on the graduation section for this week’s edition, I made numerous calls to local schools, as well as contact via e-mail. I was seeking photos of graduates, as well as information on any scholarships the students had received.

    Some schools were incredibly accommodating. Some were not. It was really frustrating.

    But despite the frustration, the worst of it all came the day of East Gadsden High School’s graduation.

  • Just stick to the TV schedule

    It's almost time for the baseball A-Star game and we're still waiting for the basketball championships to be over. That's great for basketball fans who, I'm sure, would like to see it year round. But for the rest of us who like sports seasons, these extended season are getting on my nerves.

  • Watch where you're jumping...now and in the future

    Leon said you couldn’t truly qualify to graduate unless you had passed the “initiation” test. “They can give you the paper but it won’t mean a thing unless you can prove you are ready,” is exactly how he put it.  He was the oldest brother and naturally a lot more worldly than the rest of us.

  • Residents urged to participate in census

    The 2010 census is so important to the city of Quincy that Jack McLean, city manager, formed a census committee among department heads last Thursday.

    "This is critical to the city. We have to make sure people are counted. I feel one of the reasons that Quincy has not gotten its fair share of state and federal funds is that people were not counted properly in 2000," he said.

  • This could actually work

    In the months that followed Hurricane Katrina, I had the opportunity to interview several people who had fled New Orleans. None of them planned to return.

    I can’t say that I blame them.

    But it would be very difficult to leave your home, especially if it’s all you’ve ever known, and move elsewhere to start all over.

    I’ve seen coverage of New Orleans and other areas since that storm proclaiming the fact that many of those areas have been slow to recover, particularly the Big Easy.