Local News

  • West Florida Livestock Show winners selected

     Jaylon Moore, 13, changed into a western-style bright orange shirt minutes before it was time for him to take his steer inside the Inman Livestock Pavilion to be judged. All morning the steer had been groomed to the point that its coat looked like velvet. The animal was competing in the Class B bracket with 4 other 4-H'ers from Gadsden County. and Future Farmers of America from Jackson and Decatur County, Ga.

  • Chattahoochee stabbing victim dies

      Chattahoochee Police Chief Vann Pullen said on March 11 that he would turn all of the evidence he has gathered over to the state attorney to determine which, if any charges, will be filed against 24-year-old Martina McCray in the death of Larry Dickey.
        Pullen said Dickey, 44, died March 10 after he was stabbed in the chest by McCray, 24, on March 9. He said couple had an on-and-off relationship for the past four years.

  • City puts Internet cafes on hold

     The Quincy City Commission unanimously passed a resolution during the March 8 meeting barring the issuing of permits, licenses and/or occupational licenses for Internet cafes and bingo gaming within the city limits of Quincy for the next six months. The measure was taken because several commissioners had concerns about operations and which local charities were recipients of donations from the games.

  • Lawsuits may spur county to fight

       Now that the hospital is up and running Craig McMillan, chairman of the Gadsden Hospital Board, Inc. asked for direction and the future role of the GHI as a board. Following a joint meeting Feb. 22, between the Board of County Commissioners and GHI, one of the issues discussed was whether GHI would continue functioning as a unit to oversee items relating to the operation of the GMH campus of Capital Regional Medical Center.

  • Gadsden jobless rate creeping up

    In terms of unemployment, Gadsden County is seeing a near repeat of last year.
    Florida’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in January 2011 is 11.9 percent,
    down slightly from the December 2010 rate of 12.0 percent. This represents 1,100,000 jobless out of a labor force of 9,276,000.
    For Gadsden County that translates to a January 2011 jobless rate of 11.2 percent, up from 11 percent in December 2010 and  11.1 percent in January 2010.

  • Thousands of residents face jail

    If you look around at your job in the next few weeks and see uniformed deputies coming your way and you have an outstanding warrant, it's a good chance they're coming for you.
        Beginning this week and for weeks to come, Gadsden County Sheriff's Office deputies will start arresting people wanted on outstanding warrants. Where ever you are, they say,  if they find you they will take you to jail. Whether you are at work, in a social setting, at the grocery store, the hair salon or barber shop doesn't matter because the cuffs are going on.

  • Williams responds to employment charges

    In a memo to the Gadsden County Board of Commissioners, Johnny Williams, county administrator listed the number of African-Americans holding supervisory positions in county government as well as the number and race of employees who have been separated from county government.
        The memo, according to Williams, is an attempt to answer allegations made by "proponents of several lawsuits that we have no African Americans supervisors in Gadsden County."

  • Website access changing

    Starting on March 17, the Gadsden County Times website, www.gadcotimes.com will become to a subscription-based news and information source.
    The Times will  offer its valued newspaper subscribers complete access to all of the news and features currently in the print product, plus a number of online-only features such as videos, slideshows, reader interaction and more. A digital version of every issue of the newspaper will also be available to subscribers online.
    If you already subscribe to the Times, go to

  • New police chief takes oath of office

    "This is a new day," said Quincy's newly appointed police chief Walt McNeil minutes after he took the oath of office in front of city officials, police officers and citizens Feb. 28 at city hall in a 10 a.m. ceremony
    City Manager McLean said the city is getting strong leadership in McNeil and urged citizens to join McNeil in making sure that community rallies behind he chief so the city can become an outstanding department.
    McNeil said he wanted to ease any concerns that residents may have about his intentions to remain police chief for the long haul.

  • Drugs arrests in Quincy

    Acting on tips and complaints from citizens, the Quincy Police Department and the Gadsden County Sheriff's Special Operations Unit, served search warrants on two homes in the city of Quincy and made two arrests.