Local News

  • Two RFM grads to play baseball for Georgia college

    Two graduating seniors from Robert F. Munroe’s baseball team will have the opportunity to continue their baseball careers as members of a Georgia college’s team.

    Nolan Haire, 17, and Bradley Klees, 19, both signed letters of intent to play baseball for Andrew College in Cuthbert, Ga. Monday morning in Munroe’s auditorium.

  • Event shares gardening basics, other down-home skills

    The FAMU Research and Extension Center was the site of the college’s annual Spring Farm Festival Saturday morning and afternoon.

    On one side of the Center’s lawn, attendees could participate in archery, while on the other side they could sample home cooked collard greens, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes. Towards the end of the festival, attendees could take their choice of one of the vegetables grown in the Center’s garden, like squash, cucumbers and tomatoes, home with them in addition to a complimentary bag of peanuts.

  • Florida Arts Trail riles some residents

    The proposed Florida Arts Trail multi-use path has inspired its fair share of vitriol from the Gadsden County citizens it might impact the most.

    The trail would be 10 miles long and would run between Quincy and Havana. FDOT expects it will need to acquire right-of-way land from 31 residences, two businesses and three vacant structures along the road the route for the path.

  • Slot machines could mean big boost for Gretna

    Two thousand new jobs in Gretna.

    That’s what the addition of slot machines to the Creek Entertainment Gretna facility means to Gretna City Commissioner Clarence Jackson.

    And now that slot machines appear to be on the horizon for the facility after a ruling last month from the First District Court of Appeals, Jackson said the city is inching closer to receiving an investment from the
    Poarch Creek Indians who own the facility and several others in Alabama and Florida, worth a quarter of a billion dollars in all.

  • Midway fire chief eyes job in Sumter County

    Midway’s fire chief is taking a position with a fire department in Sumter County, and is asking he now be able to serve as Midway’s fire chief only on a part time basis.

    Fire chief Kent Pridemore submitted a letter to Midway’s city manager, Dot Inman Johnson, earlier this month detailing his decision to take a position with Sumter County. The letter cites Midway’s proposed budget cuts, which would reduce the salary for salaried employees by 25 percent as the reason Pridemore had to seek other employment.

  • Tallahassee mayor urges partnership for growth

    Tallahassee’s mayor Andrew Gillum was the guest speaker at the Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Go Gadsden meeting.

    The meetings are opportunities for regional governmental and business leaders to network as well as share with each other the progress they’ve made on their individual initiatives.

  • Group asks county to weigh in on fracking

    An anti-fracking group gaining support from county commissions across Florida in its efforts to ban fracking from the state attempted to receive Gadsden County’s support at the county commission’s June 2

    Fracking is a controversial drilling method used by oil companies to extract as much oil as possible from a suspected oil field. When fracking, the companies aim a high-pressure mixture of water, sand and chemicals at suspected oil fields in hopes that the oil that is hardest to obtain will release from shale rocks.

  • The right path: Shanks boys track team fourth in state

    The boys track team at James A. Shanks excelled in the 4x100 relay race this year. Of the 150 middle schools that competed over the course of the season for the championship in that race, the team finished fourth.

    That success has earned the team’s members attention from high schools who want the boys to play on their teams next year, as well as colleges who have told their coach, former professional football player Leroy Smith, that they’re monitoring the boys’ success.

  • Slot machines OK’d for Gretna casino

    After a process that has taken more than three and a half years, Creek Entertainment in Gretna will be granted a license that allows slot machines in the casino.

    The First District Court of Appeals released a 51-page written opinion Friday detailing their decision to allow the gaming facility to have slot machines.

  • Bicycle race brings hundreds of competitors to Quincy

    Downtown Quincy was transformed into a race course for competitive bicyclists this past Saturday.

    Approximately 400 bicyclists from teams across the state participated in the weekend’s contests. Those contests included an hour-long race around Quincy’s downtown and culminated Sunday with a bike race through the hills of Havana’s neighboring communities.