Local News

  • Two apprehended in weekend robbery, another suspect still on loose in Monday night incident

    Authorities are still seeking the perpetrator of a Monday night robbery in Greensboro.

    According to a report from the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office, the robbery at the Jay Foods Store took place about 10:30 p.m.

    Video captured at the store showed a black male of average height and weight and wearing a mask, enter the store. He hit the clerk with his weapon during the robbery.

    The clerk sustained injuries from the attack, and was treated and released at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

    An undetermined amount of money was taken.

  • Boyd secures funding for Gadsden projects

    Congressman Allen Boyd (D-North Florida), a member of the House Appropriations Committee, has secured a total of $300,000 for two important projects in Gadsden County. Boyd included funding for these projects in the Omnibus Appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2009, which passed in the House of Representatives this week.

    Boyd secured $200,000 to loop the north water main in Havana. Looping the north water main will provide increased water supply to rural areas, while also increasing the availability and pressure of the water in the current water main.

  • Area leaders unveil Regional Economic Stimulus Package

    Commissioners, mayors and other area leaders filed into the Florida Press Center Tuesday to formally propose a $1.1 billion economic stimulus package that, if funded, would create nearly 16,000 jobs in the


    The Tallahassee Capital Region Economic Stimulus partners held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to unveil the stimulus package at the Florida Press Center.

  • Murder trial underway in Quincy

    Following nearly two days of jury selection and interviewing over 100 prospective jurors, the first-degree murder trial of 36-year-old Hernandez Lopaz Daniels began Feb. 10. Daniels, a convicted drug dealer serving a life sentence, is accused of paying $5,000 to have Constance Dupont, 39, of Havana killed in 2002. If convicted, he faces the death penalty.

  • GBI investigates Quincy man's death

    Georgia Bureau of Investigation officials are working to find out what happened to a Quincy man who died after he was taken into custody by the Thomas County Sheriff's Office last Friday.

    Ronnie Thompson, GBI agent in charge, said Rudolph Byrd, 37, died at Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, Ga.

  • Jury finds Daniels guilty

    A 12-member jury unanimously found 36-year-old Hernandez Lopaz Daniels of Havana guilty of premeditated first-degree murder in a Gadsden County courtroom filled with relatives of the victim and the defendant. Daniels, who is serving a life sentence in federal prison, showed no emotion when the verdict was read.

    Assistant State Attorney Richard Combs, who had requested the death penalty in the case, did not want to comment on the verdict.

  • State murder trial witness says he was told what to say

    As the murder trial of Hernandez Lopaz Daniels progressed last Friday afternoon, a witness for the state of Florida dropped a bombshell.

    "I ain't gonna sit here and lie. He didn't tell me nothin' man. Y’all said y’all was going to do something for me and y’all didn't. That man ain't told me nothing," said John "JC" Miller, when Assistant State Attorney Richard Combs asked him about a conversation he’d had with Daniels.

  • Rich named as new Times general manager

    The Gadsden County Times has welcomed a new general manager.

    Alana Rich, a native Floridian who was raised mostly in Citrus County, is excited to be in Gadsden County and says she has fallen in love with the community.

    “From the moment I drove into Gadsden County, I knew this was a special community,” she said. “The beauty of the area and historic homes are breathtaking. I am enjoying meeting with community leaders, festival coordinators and residents.”

  • Local officials propose regional stiumulus package; $183 million targeted in county

    Gadsden County officials gathered with representatives from throughout the region last week to lay out a plan for federal stimulus dollars they hope will come to the Big Bend.

  • Volunteer firefighters say they've got the better deal for the county

    Gadsden County fire chiefs presented county commissioners a proposal Tuesday night outlining how their volunteer fire departments could give the county equal or better fire protection than is in place currently.