Erin Hill
Parents sign their children up for the backpack raffle at Havana Magnet.
Open house lures learners

Students, along with their families, filled the halls of Havana Magnet School this past Friday for an open house and orientation.
Akelia Knight said her 7-year-old daughter Makayla is entering the second grade.  This will be Makayla’s second year at Havana Magnet.  
“She has been doing so much better here,” Knight said.  
As students visited their new classrooms and met their teachers, the school gave away uniforms and school supplies, and also raffled off backpacks.

East Gadsden played Bolles High of Jacksonville in a playoff game at home.
Jags fall to Bolles

This past Saturday,  East Gadsden’s playoff run ended on their home floor against Bolles High of Jacksonville. The Jaguars came out with a lot of energy and confidence at the start of their regional final game against Bolles High, and after a big 8-point quarter by Amaru Bryant, they held a 13-12 lead at the start of the second quarter.

Along Twin Ponds Road

Buckwheat’s, a new place in town just opened.
I was close to ecstatic when I realized the second word, (in much smaller print), after “Buckwheat’s,” was “BBQ.”
One of my all-time favorite things to do in this lifetime was to get up early and meet my good friend Joe Faggione for a hearty breakfast of buckwheat pancakes.
Now I search far and wide and cannot find a restaurant that serves those delicious, dark buckwheats.