Erin Hill
Gadsden County’s Teacher of the Year, Judith Mandela, holds a bouquet containing many friendly-looking yellow flowers as she poses for a photo with her class. District officials made the rounds Thursday, Jan. 12, to deliver congratulations and other tokens of esteem to the district’s top teacher, rookie teacher and school-related staffer.
Hard work pays off

Gadsden County School District officials surprised three employees when they made a special trip to their schools on Thursday, Jan. 12.  
Superintendent Roger Milton walked into each school, holding flowers and balloons and with a huge smile on his face.  
At West Gadsden High School in Greensboro, receptionist/secretary Maggie Conyers’ eyes filled with tears of joy as Milton told her she had won School Related Employee of the Year.  

Terrance Chisolm
Pictured here, from left, are Andrew Reddick and Mark Bradwell.
The basketball journey of two Panthers

After three highly successful years at West Gadsden High School, senior point guard Andrew Reddick and senior forward Mark Bradwell are determined and focused on bringing a state title to Greensboro. During their time at West Gadsden, these two young men have experienced the highs and lows that come along with playing on the

Along Twin Ponds Road

Buckwheat’s, a new place in town just opened.
I was close to ecstatic when I realized the second word, (in much smaller print), after “Buckwheat’s,” was “BBQ.”
One of my all-time favorite things to do in this lifetime was to get up early and meet my good friend Joe Faggione for a hearty breakfast of buckwheat pancakes.
Now I search far and wide and cannot find a restaurant that serves those delicious, dark buckwheats.