Fire destroys Stevens School

Many are upset after a fire destroyed the Historic Stevens School early Sunday morning.  Some feel like a part of their history is gone, and are curious as to how the fire started.
On Monday afternoon, smoke could still be seen as people rode and walked by, stopping to take photos and videos.  Charred remains of can goods exploded inside, flying out of the out of the building, landing yards away.

Gadsden’s girls sports slow over spring break

Spring break put an abrupt halt to the steady progress local  spring sports teams had gained for several weeks.  
Teams will pick back up this week and start again this week.   Upcoming contests for our county sports teams are:
West Gadsden will take on Vernon in a doubleheader on Thursday and then play at East Gadsden on Friday.  East Gadsden will have played two games prior to facing the Panthers.  They opened up their week with Rickards on Monday and then FAMU on Wednesday.
Flag football

Along Twin Ponds Road

Buckwheat’s, a new place in town just opened.
I was close to ecstatic when I realized the second word, (in much smaller print), after “Buckwheat’s,” was “BBQ.”
One of my all-time favorite things to do in this lifetime was to get up early and meet my good friend Joe Faggione for a hearty breakfast of buckwheat pancakes.
Now I search far and wide and cannot find a restaurant that serves those delicious, dark buckwheats.