Photo by Robert Allen
Engineer Matt Young of RS & H looks Saturday over the recently constructed bridge that now spans Quincy Creek.
Major step in new road complete

A new milestone was achieved in the construction of Quincy’s bypass.
The passage between U.S. 90 and Highway 12 includes one bridge, visible from Havana Highway when looking south. This span is necessary to traverse the Quincy Creek and the swampy lowlands between the two existing roads. Structurally, the bridge is now sound. Construction personnel can drive and walk over it at will.  

Football, cheerleading event starting Saturday

Leroy Smith and Diamonds in the Rough are presenting the fourth annual Win-Win Football and Cheerleading camp from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, July 12, at the Corry Athletic Field on West King Street in Quincy. 

Win-Win stands for, “What’s important now work is necessary.” 

4GEN Journal

 Traditionally a day when we honor our mothers — in person, by phone, with a card or flowers, over a meal, or, as for me, in memory — Mother’s Day also provides us an opportunity for reflection.