A wish list for Santa

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By Angye Morrison

I ran across this the other day, and I thought it was so appropriate...please...to enjoy.


Wish List for Santa

In a world of greed and fear, Santa is unique.

Everyone likes Santa and thinks he’s pretty neat.

So why don’t we ask Santa for the things we really need,

Instead of more of the useless junk for which the children plead.

Why don’t we ask Santa and the reindeer and the sleigh,

To help us solve the problems which confront the world today?

Santa could bring barrels of oil to run our cars and trucks.

And great big sacks of money to keep the banks afloat.

Santa could give confidence to keep the market up,

And bail the automakers out as the taxpayers did enough.

With Santa flying in Iraq, the soldiers wouldn’t shoot,

And making peace across the seas could take a different route.

Santa could bring food to feed the hungry and exposed,

And homes for all the elder folks whose houses were foreclosed.

Too many children don't want toys, but just enough to eat,

And we need jobs for the unemployed to keep them off the streets.

Santa could go to Africa to bring a cure for AIDS,

And all the other illnesses with which the world is plagued.

Santa could put the immigrants in his workshop to build toys,

Jobs are what they really want, and just to be employed.

With Santa in the Congress we could get the laws we need.

Who would vote against Santa’s bills or question Santa’s lead?

He could look into global warming as a problem we’ve been dealt.

‘Cause he’d really be in trouble if the polar ice caps melt.

Santa should be President – too bad kids can’t vote.

But voters were all kids once too, so maybe there is hope.

If this wish list seems too long or hard for Santa to achieve,

Know nothing is impossible if we work for it and believe.

And when the list is finished, and we all stop to observe,

Perhaps we’ll have the kind of world our children all deserve.

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