Why so high, Chattahoochee?

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By The Staff

I realize that many cities use their utilities as cash cows, but 290 percent is ridiculous. In the past 50 years,  the rate has risen from 50 percent of the water bill to almost 300 percent at present. How much higher will the rate rise if it is not challenged? Water cannot be a problem because the city is on the banks of the Appalachicola River.

This should be an issue in the next city election.

Exactly one month ago, on behalf of my 91-year-old father who still lives in Chattahoochee, I submitted a complaint to the mayor, the district's county commissioner and the chairman of the state of Florida's Public Service Commission, which generated the only response I received. It simply stated that it does not regulate the rates; they are determined by the city.

I became concerned when my father's water bill alone was $47 in May. A leak was discovered at the water meter box, and the leaking pipe has been replaced. The sewer charge was levied because the water was not actually used.

I have been informed that my father's case is not the exception, and many others have also complained.

Richard Mashburn Jr.