West Florida Livestock Show winners selected

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By Alice Du Pont

 Jaylon Moore, 13, changed into a western-style bright orange shirt minutes before it was time for him to take his steer inside the Inman Livestock Pavilion to be judged. All morning the steer had been groomed to the point that its coat looked like velvet. The animal was competing in the Class B bracket with 4 other 4-H'ers from Gadsden County. and Future Farmers of America from Jackson and Decatur County, Ga.
    The four walked their steers into the arena under the watchful eye on judge Dennis Kendrick of Sycamore, Ga. He studied each animal as they were led in a circle around the arena. When they stopped Kendrick took a closer look even touching the steers mid-section to check for muscle tone.
    "This is an excellent class" he said, before singling out Moore's steer as the grand champion winner.
    The Reserve champion steer, came from Class D and belonged to Nolan Lovering of Decatur County, Ga. FFA and Kendrick said the animal was "impressive.
    Moore and Lovering were presented a belt buckles given by the Gadsden Cattlemen's Association for their accomplishments. They and other participants, will receive checks later in the year during an appreciation dinner based on the amount of money that the animals were sold for at auction.
    Other winners were:
    Class A
    • Hayley Helms,1st Place, Jackson 4-H
    • Sydney Manley, 2nd Place, Decatur County, Ga. FFA
    • Orial Thompson,, 3rd Place, Gadsden 4-H
    • Jake Moore, 4th Place, Gadsden 4-H
    • Edwin Starks,5th Place, Gadsden 4-H
    Class B
    • Jaylon Moore, 1st Place, Gadsden 4-H
    • Destin Harris, 2nd Place, Gadsden 4-H
    • Josh Wilder, 3rd Place, Gadsden 4-H
    • John Allen Smith, 4th Place, Gadsden 4-H
    • Jackson Rudd, 5th Place, Gadsden 4-H
    Class C
    • Knute Bruner, 1st Place, Gadsden 4-H
    • Caroline Lewis, 2nd Place, Gadsden 4-H
    • Kendall King, 3rd Place, Gadsden 4-H
    • Robert Clark, 4th Place, Gadsden 4-H
    Class D
    • Nolan Lovering, 1st Place, Decatur County, Ga. FFA
    • Bailey Manley, 2nd Place, Decatur County, Ga. FFA
    • Louis Zanders III, 3rd Place, Gadsden 4-H
    • Andy Taylor, 4th Place, Gadsden 4-H
    • Darius McNeely, 5th Place, Gadsden 4-H
    The swine judging competition was held prior to the steers. The winner of the grand and reserve champion for market hog was Alan Toole of Jackson 4-H.
    The following scholarships were presented:
    • The Margorie Winter Howell Spirit Award was won by Ashley King.
    • The B.J. Moore Swine Spirit Award was won by Edwin Starks, Tyrick Starks and TyShawn Starks.
    • The Murray Spooner Award Leadership Award was won by Caroline Lewis.
    • The Quincy Lion's Club Scholarship was won by Robert Clark and Jake Moore.
    • The West Florida Livestock Scholarship was won by Jake Moore.
    • The Clark, Lewis, Moore Scholarship was won by Jake Moore.
    • The Stoney Edwards Scholarship was won by Robert Clark,
    • Appreciation Awards to high school senior 4-H members were: Jake Moore, Robert Clark, Amanda Jordan and Bailey Manley.
    After all of the awards had been presented it was time for the most exciting event of the show and sale, the Pig Scramble. About 50 pigs were let go inside the area and children is different age categories were began the task of trying to catch them. Kids scrambled to catch the pigs as the pigs scrambled to free themselves from the clutches  of kids as young as two years.
    No animals were injured in the fun that was had by all during the pig scramble. As for the others steers and swine, they'll be appearing soon in the meat section of a grocery store near you.