We're not going anywhere...but what if we did?

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By Angye Morrison

I was recently watching one of those news programs on cable, and they had a live call-in bit going. The question they posed was this: “If your local newspaper went away, would you miss it?”

People called in, e-mailed and twittered their responses. For the most part, at least while I was watching, people were saying they would definitely miss their local paper.

There were also those who stood on the flip side, saying they wouldn’t miss it at all. Some of those said they get their news from online sources, some said they rely on television and others said they just don’t read the paper or care about the news at all.

That started me wondering...

So I polled my friends on twitter and Facebook, and I also got a mixed bag of responses, much the same as what I’d seen on television.

Each week, on Wednesday afternoon, we begin receiving telephone calls from people wanting to know if the paper is back from the printer yet. And there’s a constant line of folks who stop in to buy one at our counter and from the newstand by our front door. I’ve even see people stopping at local convenience stores and picking up the paper, one after another.

It’s refreshing to see people supporting their local paper in this fashion. We love it. It’s awesome.

But will it last? That’s the question that haunts me. Will we be able to snag young readers and get them hooked, like the generations before them, on actually reading their local paper each week? Or will they go the way of so many, and totally rely on the Internet?

I’m not sure. So now, I’m polling you. Let me know what you think...if your local paper went away, would you miss it?

And by the way, just so you know, we’re not going anywhere. We’ve been a part of Gadsden County for 110 years, and we’ll be here for many more to come. I’m just curious.

Dang television.

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