This weather is for the birds

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By Alice Du Pont

I don't like talking about the weather very much because there's nothing anyone can do about it. Here it is mid-October, almost time for Halloween and the World Series, and it still feels like early August.

The past weekend was sheer misery for me. I don't like hot weather because it  takes me a long time to cool down. I can always put on enough clothes in winter but getting cool after exposure to extreme heat is a different thing.

There was a lot going on this weekend and I was going from place to place trying to get pictures. Hopping in and out of the car made things worse because I wasn't in the car long enough for the air conditioner to be effective. Added to that, at least two events were outside. Sometimes I have to hang around quite a while before a decent photo opportunity arises.

The weather is not typical to say the least. Stores are stocking shelves with holiday decorations and I'm still carrying a hand fan.

There are as many theories about the weather as there are people. One woman blames this weekend's unseasonable heat on the fact that a rocket was intentionally crashed on Mars to determine if ice had formed on a certain part of the planet. While others continue to blame all weather incidents that are not to our liking on the space program. I don't know how many times I have heard "if we just hadn't gone to the moon there would be no weather problems." Well, I think there were disasters associated with weather long before the space program.

There are others who say it's global warming and we're getting payback for all of our pollution and destruction of the rain forests.

I don't care what it is. All I know is that I'm hot and I'm ready for cooler temperatures.

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