Visitor sings praises of local hotel owner

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By The Staff

I am an engineer from Pflugerville, Texas. I am writing you a note, so you can see the impact of one of your community leaders at one of your hotels out in Quincy.

My wife and I needed a night away to relax which turned into a week’s vacation in Florida. We had stayed four days in Orlando and paid a grand total of $1,397.28. On our way back, we cut the night short and decided to stay in an absolute desolate location in Quincy. The hotel looked new, however, there was nothing around it except for a small gas station. After hearing the prices of the hotels, we decided to pick your local Holiday Inn Express. 

The room was glorious. Very spacious and everything you would expect from a hotel of this high quality, the most comfortable beds, the best shower I've ever used in an American hotel, fantastic products in the bathroom and a bucketful of ice waiting in the in-room fridge to chill our champagne.

The staff was courteous and efficient, and always had smiles on their face. Each time we walked by, they would always acknowledge us and ask us if there was “anything we can do to help.” Add this all together with a quiet, leafy location and this has to be one of the best hotel experiences we have had.

However, the real gem to this story is your local manager, Hemant Patel. Mr. Patel knows the hotel business, he knows how to lead a good staff and set high goals. Mr. Patel knows the area very well and is always around to help with any question or concern. He really does a fantastic job of representing your community and is a big advocate of your area. Most hotel managers hide behind their four walls of a desk, however this experience goes to show you that there are genuine people who care.

We were fortunate enough to grab Mr. Patel for about 30 minutes of his time as he explained to us about the arts center, the county government, the chamber of commerce, the Holiday Inn story, the beautiful lakes that you have in your town and how he really felt at home.

I will tell you that I do not believe there are many hotel managers as passionate about their job or community as Hemant Patel. People always complain, yet never leave the good remarks on their stay. I wanted to do something for Mr. Patel by sending this letter directly to the local paper in your community as well as the chamber of commerce in Quincy. We really did enjoy our stay in your town, and Mr. Patel has made this refreshing trip, as well as our hotel stay, the best we have ever had.

He has me even thinking of relocating my engineering firm to the Quincy area, as my wife and I loved your town and loved his hospitality.

Next time I swing through your area, I will be sure to stop by and say hello!  

Rod Bahra

Pflugerville, Texas