U.S., Germany, set to play to progress in 2014 FIfA World Cup

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By Robert Allen

The U.S soccer team will be squaring off against Germany’s team at noon June 26. The game will determine which team will move on from Group G. Both teams currently have one win and one draw against the other teams in their group. 

The United States beat Ghana and tied Portugal — while Germany beat Portugal and tied Ghana. 

Jüergen Klinsman, the U.S. head coach, is a former captain of the German national team. Among other tournaments with other teams, he has played for his homeland in three world cups: 1990, 1994 and 1998 — including a victory in 1990. 

Now, Klinsman will lead the U.S. against his former team. 

Locally, Matt Henely, president of the FSU boy’s soccer club, weighed in on the upcoming game during a Times interview. 

Despite the U.S. team’s move away from a more defensive and reactive style of play, Henely said it seems likely they will revert back to it when faced with an opponent as skilled as Germany. 

Germany, on the other hand, according to Henely, will likely employ more aggressive techniques, seeking to possess the ball and maneuver it widely enough in the midfield to create exploitable openings in the U.S. defense. 

To counter this tactic, Henely said the U.S. team will need to “bottle up” in order to win the game. Ultimately, the club president said a narrow German victory or a draw are both probable outcomes. 

If the June 26 game between the U.S. and Germany does end in another draw, both teams can move on in the tournament. Even if the U.S. team loses, they still have a chance to progress beyond their group if Ghana and Portugal tie — or if Ghana beats Portugal by the right margin. 

U.S. fans may consequently want to keep an eye on the other game. 

The U.S. game will be televised on ESPN. The concurrent game between the other two Group G teams, Portugal and Ghana, will be televised on ESPN2.