Two jailed for kidnapping 86-year-old

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By Alice Du Pont

Two Quincy residents are behind bars charged with one count each of vehicle theft in the third degree, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, robbery of a resident and home invasion with a weapon and kidnapping in the facilitation of a felony.
       Yatesha Renaye Miller, 19, and Demetric Reshawn Smith, 24, are accused to taking 86-year-old James Abbott from his Hill Street home and forcing him to withdraw money from his bank account using Automated Teller Machines (ATM).
    According to a report released by the Quincy Police Department, this is what happened:
    Around 9 p.m. on Aug. 16, Miller went to the Abbott's residence, knocked on the door and asked him for $10 to buy her baby some milk. Abbott told authorities he left the front door slightly open and he walked back to his bedroom to get the money. When he returned to the front door a large black man was standing in his living room holding a large hunting knife (Bowie knife). He told Abbott to sit down and he would not hurt him.
    The pair began rummaging through the house and Smith found Abbott's wallet with $100 in cash, located the ATM card and pin number as well as the car keys.
     "You're going to come with us," Smith allegedly said, according to Abbott.
    They took him out of the home through the garage door to his 2001 bronze Buick LaSabre and forced him at knife point into the back seat. Smith was initially in the back seat with Abbott holding the knife but exchanged places with Miller before reaching Tallahassee. They forced him to withdraw money from his account on three separate occasions, totaling $1,200. There is evidence that they tried to take more money from other ATMs but were denied several other attempted transactions.
    "The suspects eventually drove to a location on North Monroe Street near a Walgreens Drug Store, stopped the vehicle. placed the keys on top of the car and ran off on foot," the report stated.
    Abbott did not see which direction the two fled but located a telephone and called the Tallahassee Police Department. TPD searched the area but were unable to find the suspects. They recovered the car and [processed it for evidence.
    Meanwhile, Quincy Police Department was notified by TPD of the incident. QPD notified Abbott's daughter of the incident involving her father. When officers arrived at Abbott's residence they found the garage door open and the door leading into the house from the garage was open.
    "The bedroom area was in complete disarray with clothes scattered everywhere," the report stated.
    The following day, Aug. 17, the security at officer a Capital City Bank in Tallahassee provided authorities photos of a black female using Abbott's ATM card at the drive-through to withdraw $500 at 11:22 p.m. but when the woman attempted  several other transactions, the card was denied. A second transaction was made on Lake Bradford Road at a Circle K gas station for $200. Surveillance footage from the Circle showed a black woman making a transaction with Abbott's card. Four officers positively Miller as the woman using the card.
    Miller, who lived less than 100 years from the Abbott home, confessed after questioning, to all of the events but said that Smith threatened her and forced her to participate in the robbery. Smith also lives in the neighborhood. Miller's father said his daughter and Smith left his house together just before dark in Aug. 16.
     Smith denied any involvement in the home invasion and robbery and said he was not in Quincy on Aug. 16 and that he was with his girlfriend who works for TPD but could not provide the woman's name. The new clothes he was wearing were also provided by the woman. When arrested by TPD, however, investigators located Abbott's phone.
    Miller has a $85,000 bond while Smith has a $115,000 bond.