Two accused of robbing Havana visitor at knifepoint

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Times Reporter

A visiting man was robbed at knifepoint for three one-dollar bills around 2:30 p.m. April 8 inside the Havana Heights Apartments. 

According to the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office report, the man said he was visiting a friend in the complex. Robbery suspects Miles Johnson and Freeman Jackson allegedly stopped him outside as he was trying to leave. 

According to the report, Johnson and Jackson aggressively approached him and began shouting profane and threatening statements. 

The man, according to the report, asked not to be hurt — but the profane threats continued. The man said Johnson produced a roughly 4-inch knife and pointed it toward his abdomen. The other suspect, Jackson, was drinking from a beer bottle. He poured the remaining contents on the ground and then brandished the bottle as a weapon. 

At this point, according to the report, the man said he was afraid — so he emptied his pockets, throwing his $3 on the ground. The man said Johnson reached down and collected the money. Then he ordered the man to get moving, while verbally taking some exception to his Georgia license plate. 

According to the 

report, the man’s friend — who would not issue a comment to authorities — then arrived on the scene. He began arguing with the suspects and, somehow, defused the situation. 

The man did not make contact with authorities until two hours later when he flagged down a county deputy who happened to be patrolling through the neighborhood. 

Both suspects were later apprehended. Jackson was charged with two counts of robbery. Johnson was charged with larceny, aggravated assault with a weapon and failure to appear. Havana Police department arrested Jackson. His bond was set at $25,025. GCSO arrested Johnson. His bond was set at $26,276.50.