Traffic crackdown plans for August

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The Gadsden County Sheriff Office will be conducting Driver’s License, DUI and Vehicle Inspection Checkpoints during the month of August 2012 on the below listed roads within the Gadsden County area. The times and dates of these check points will vary depending upon weather, manpower and safety conditions.

Recognizing the danger presented to the public by defective vehicle equipment, deputies will concentrate their efforts on vehicles being operated with defects such as bad brakes, worn tires and defective lighting equipment. In addition, DUI Enforcement will be directed to drivers who insist on driving impaired.

The Gadsden County Sheriff Office has found these checkpoints to be an effective means of enforcing the equipment and driver license laws of Florida while insuring the protection of all motorists.


I-10 Quincy, Midway, Chattahoochee and Greensboro exits, Hwy 90 East and West of Midway to Chattahoochee, Hwy 12 East and West to Greensboro and Havana, Hwy 27 North and South of Havana, Hwy 65 North and South, Hwy 267 North and South, Brickyard Rd., Providence Rd., Lakeview Point Rd., Cook Landing Rd., Flat Creek Rd., Sycamore Rd., Sawdust Rd., Bonnie Hill Rd., Hardaway Hwy, Atlanta St., Concord Rd., Rustling Pine and Solomon Dairy Rd., Havana 4th Street and 16th Avenue.