Tornado whips through Greensboro

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At about 5:30 a.m. Monday, Nov. 17,  a tornado touched down in Greensboro. The system caused temporary power outages, particularly in the Sycamore Community, due to fallen trees on power lines, according to a Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office press release issued Monday evening. Talquin Electric was working to restore power as outages were still reported in that area.
Sycamore Volunteer Fire Department, Greensboro Volunteer Fire Department and Gadsden County Emergency Management crews were on scene helping to clear roadways.  Sycamore Road was temporarily closed as crews worked to clear the roadway, but it is now passable.  
A door-to-door assessment was conducted to ensure no residents were experiencing any medical emergencies.  There were no injuries or fatalities reported.  The tornado caused minimum structure and other property damage within the area.
Other areas there were affected included Winding Creek Road, East Lake Road and Middle Creek Road.