Thieves strike three day cares

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Times Correspondent

At 5:30 a.m. Monday, Dec. 2, Martha Anderson, director of the Minnie Bell Center KC day care center on 120 S. Madison St. in Quincy, arrived to work and noticed the back gate was open. She told The Times she didn’t think much about it, but when the back door opened awkwardly, her suspicions began to rise.

As she walked into the facility, the lights were off but she was able to make out a large number of paper plates scattered across the floor. When she turned on the lights, she said she was horrified to find the facility she owns with her daughter Tommasena Godwin had been ransacked.

“It was trashed,” said Anderson. “They trashed my office; took food, brooms, canned goods, books, my office laptop, radios and even my paperwork.”

Additionally, the lock on Anderson’s office file cabinet had been picked, and paperwork with employee Social Security numbers was taken along with cash and a company credit card.

Anderson said Capital City Bank had reported the card being used Nov. 29 at a local convenience store on West Jefferson Street.

“Somehow they were able to use the card, even though the day care center’s name was on it,” said Anderson.

She said the alarm at her business went off Nov. 28, Thanksgiving night, and that is when she believes the thieves visited two other locations on South Madison Street.

There was a break-in attempt at the Tiny Tot Nursery at 100 S. Madison St., down the street from the Minnie Bell Center. The attempt was evidenced by a splintered doorframe that leads into the facility’s kitchen. No items were reported stolen.

A private residence in the area was also burglarized, according to Quincy Police Department Capt. Robert Mixson. Mixson said persons of interest have been identified but arrests have not yet been made. 

Mixson said QPD is conducting a survey of South Madison Street to determine the ideal locations for additional street lights. Additionally, Public Works Director Earl Banks stated the department has trimmed trees in the area to increase visibility.

A burglary of the Little Successful Angels Day Care on 16 Ernest St. in Quincy has also been reported, but details of the incident were not available by deadline.