There's only so much time in the day

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By Alice Du Pont

Sandi, a friend of mine who lives in Miami, and I don't talk very often, about once a month. But Sandi invariably tells me things that make me look at life's little things a little differently.

She was complaining to me about her sister. She swears that the girl is one of the laziest people ever put on earth. But she said what bothers her most is that her sister always wants something in a hurry.

As I thought about it, I know several people who are that same way. They do everything at a snail's pace but want you to hop to it. They're the ones who always want to know why this isn't done or why that isn't done in a time that their minds think it should be done. Never mind that most of these things take a lot of time and preparation. Life and the things we must get done don’t happen on schedule.

It's especially true in organizations. There's always one person who wants to know "what happened" to this report or that report. That person, who generally never completes the tasks to which they have volunteered or been asked to carry out, is critical of just about everyone else.

You know the ones who sit around and dream up work for everyone else. They have such great ideas on what can be done and how it should be carried out. That is, until it's time to step up and do what they've been asked to do. You can count on them to call about 15 minutes ahead of time to say either, "I'm sick," or, " My child is sick,” or, "I'm stuck in Tallahassee."

Until Sandi mentioned it, I had not thought too much about it but she is absolutely right.

You can work yourself silly and it's not appreciated. All you hear is, "Why didn't you do it sooner?"

Oh, well gee, I'm sorry that God only put 24 hours in a day. Maybe you could request another few hours so that people can get what you want done when you want it.

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