There's nothing quite like family time

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By Alice Du Pont

I have a lot of relatives and this weekend most of them came to town. We had a great time together as usual. We are good company for each other and I don't ever remember, as adults, any of us having a serious argument. Of course, we disagree like most people but it never escalates into yelling and holding grudges. I have to admit, I have a cool family.

This weekend was packed full of activities together. Although we get together seven or eight times a year for mostly long weekends and try to take at least a couple of trips together to other cities a couple of times a year, every time we're together it's as if we haven't seen each other in a months. There are lots of hugs and kisses all around.

Most of the family who came were spread out in three different houses. There was a lot of visiting back and forth and a lot of calling with requests to stop by to pick up something someone had forgotten. The damper this time was that my niece Deborah, who had major surgery last week, couldn't make the trip. Her sister, Kim, stayed back in West Palm Beach to take care of her. Those two live wires were missed. But we were all on the telephone with them throughout the weekend.

Everyone arrived Friday afternoon or early Saturday. On Friday night the women headed to Divine Grace to hear my nephew, Stan Du Pont, and two of his friends play. Living in Quincy I am fortunate to have the opportunity to hear him play often. He was good. That boy can make a saxophone talk. I can't say where his musical talent came from but it certainly wasn't our side of the family.

On Saturday, we got up early and did some last-minute shopping and packed the cars and trucks for the tailgate party before the FAMU-Delaware State game. Getting to our  tailgate site and setting up is easy work because everyone pitches in. The men do the heavy work and we get out the table covering and decoration. I get to do the grilling for all of the games except homecoming.

My niece, Tiana, is expecting her first baby in late October and we had a shower for her Sunday afternoon. While the ladies dined on finger foods and sipped lemonade at Miss Helen's Cafe, the men were at home cooking a more hearty meal, watching football and doing what men do when they get together.

I don't remember the last time I went to a baby shower. My friends are all grandmothers now. But I played along with the games that people play at such affairs. I was looking forward to playing that game about guessing the number of diaper pins in the jar. Then I remembered mothers don't use cloth diapers anymore.

She got a lot of gifts. For the baby that travels, she was given a garment bag with several outfits already inside. My cousin, Dana and her husband gave the baby a bottle warmer that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car when they're on the road. There were other baby gadgets that I had never seen and didn’t know existed.

She had a good time and so did all of the other guests.The entire weekend was great. I got little or no rest but I enjoyed every moment with my family, all 30 of them.

Our next get-together will be later this month in Atlanta. I'm still debating whether to make that one or wait until next month and meet everybody in Orangeburg, S.C.

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