Thank God for generous friends

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By Ray Willis

The Lord does provide. In the past week or so I have experienced the Lord’s help and assistance in several ways. He has been beside me, as He has so many times in the past, and I am humbly grateful.

As my beloved readers may know, my wife Judy and I have been very busy with the business of settling her mother’s affairs and doing our best to prepare her Wacissa home and 10 acres for occupancy. Her mother has been in a nursing home since last September due to the rapid onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Without the help of so many the past week or so, Judy and I would not have made much progress in reorganizing a home that had been lived in and maintained the same way for the past 43 years. We are so grateful to those who came to our rescue.

Garry Freeman is the director of Community Cares and Outreach in Havana. Garry is a Christian and his every word and action displays the Holy Spirit in his life.  He is a very large man in stature, very strong and only too willing to help in any way he can. He has made several trips all the way down to Wacissa to pick up old furniture and material goods that he will take back to his shop in Havana.

Judy and I were so moved by Garry’s willingness to help us get rid of so much of the contents of this home. While helping Garry with the moving of the furniture we spoke to each other about the prominent place the Lord had in our lives.  He has been on missions many times in and out of our country.  Indeed, what Garry is doing for the Lord and the people of his community is a wonderful and worthy daily mission.

Our old friends from Riverside Baptist, Joe and Margaret Deciano let us have free use of their trusty old Chevy pickup for as long as we needed it. We used that reliable truck for 10 days. God bless you Joe and Margaret; I don’t know what we would have done without you.

Judy’s sister’s boy friend, John Frazier, drove all the way down from Atlanta with his Ford pickup and a trailer in tow to help us for two days. John did some of the things I was reluctant to do such as rummage through a couple of old vehicles that had been sitting closed up for a few years.  He helped me lug off old and heavy mechanical equipment that had been sitting around the homestead for years.  I don’t know how many trips we made to the dump in Jefferson County getting rid of stuff that we felt no one would benefit from obtaining.  We were able to put John up for a couple of nights and enjoy his company.  He is a true Southern gentleman and as kind and gentle as can be.

Last, but not least, our beloved editor of the Times, Angye Morrison, chose to stay with our wonderful newspaper. If it wasn’t for Angye, you would not be reading this column, dear readers.   She is an inspiration, as well as a wonderful writer and editor.

The Lord wants us to put forth all the effort we can in our daily lives, no matter what our pursuits may be. It is only then that we truly are able to feel his presence.   We may have become tired or frustrated with our work, endeavor or care giving. It is then that we are most likely to feel His presence.

Garry Freeman, my new friend, and I were carrying a heavy piece of furniture out to his large van.  We were both sweating profusely and panting. It was then that Garry said, “You know, Ray, the Lord would want us to rest, even more than work as hard as we are.” 

Those are the moments when we just might feel His presence the most.

God bless you.