Teacher under suspicion of being high at school

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By Erin Hill

A West Gadsden High School teacher is under investigation after fellow teachers and students reported that he acted as if he might be under the influence on the job.
According to a Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office incident report, this what  happened:
On March 21, Brenda Sizemore, the school resource deputy was notified that Principal James Mills asked for her to check on a teacher.
Students and staff had reported to Mills that the teacher’s behavior was abnormal.
Sizemore went into the teacher’s classroom and sat in the back of the room to watch him.  The teacher began wiping sweat from his forehead, using the sleeve of his shirt and forearm.  His clothes looked disheveled compared to his normal composed and well-groomed appearance, Sizemore noted in the report.
While at the whiteboard, the report says the teacher wrote incorrect information, even though he and his students had worksheets with the correct answers on it.  He also seemed to be having trouble with his vision and had to bring the paper about 3 to 4 inches from his face to study the paper.
Sizemore also observed that the teacher’s eyelids appeared to be heavy and glassy, and he had a white foam coming out of his mouth and forming on his lips.
The officer told the teacher he did not look or act as if he were feeling well, and that he should step out to the office.  Sizemore did not smell alcohol on the teacher.
An aide who was already in the classroom when the officer entered, stayed to teach the class.
When the teacher went to the Sizemore’s office, she noticed his eyelids would almost completely close while he was still talking.  Then his eyes would “pop” back open and the speed of his speech would increase.  He would also stop talking in the middle of a sentence and his stare would be fixed, Sizemore reported.
She called Gadsden EMS to make sure he was OK.
The teacher denied being on any type of medication, but did admit to using an illegal substance during spring break, Sizemore noted.
She also observed a “bluish colored injection mark” on the inside of the teacher’s arm.  When asked about the mark, the teacher said he had donated blood about two weeks before; however, the officer stated that the mark was fresh.
Sizemore transported the teacher to Patient’s First for a drug test.  While there, Sizemore noticed a Ziploc bag with a white substance in her patrol car on top of the teacher’s belongings.  She secured the bag and performed a field test on the substance.  She reported that the substance tested positive for Meth/MDMA. She later forwarded the substance to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for further testing.
He also told Sizemore he is a lawyer, his appearance and behavioral were normal and he could not understand why anyone would say anything different.
Lt. Bobby Key with the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office said it could takes weeks or even months for the results to come back.
Maj. Shawn Wood, also with the GCSO, said the school board said the teacher passed the drug test.  As of Tuesday, Gadsden Schools Superintendent Roger Milton could not be reached for comment.
The Times is not revealing the teacher’s name because he has not been arrested on any charges or disciplined by the school board.