TDC vote nixed

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By Angye Morrison

The Gadsden County Tourist Council’s vote to advertise its meetings only in a Chattahoochee newspaper won’t fly – according to County Administrator Johnny Williams.

TDC members voted unanimously Nov. 16 to advertise their meetings in the Twin City News, a publication which serves  Chattahoochee and Sneads and has a circulation of about 2,200. The move was made, TDC member Jim Kellum said, based on a lower cost of advertising with that publication.

Williams said it is the policy of the county to advertise meetings in all three newspapers in the county.

“We have to provide adequate notice under the law,” he said. “I spoke with the county attorney, and I was advised that to advertise solely with the Twin City News would not satisfy that.”

As for the council’s vote, Williams said the TDC has no authority over the county administrator or county staff.

“We already have a firm policy on it (advertisement of meetings),” he said. “That’s the policy we’ll use. Our policy meets all legal requirements.”

Lee Garner, chairman of the TDC, said, “We are an advisory committee of the BOCC and will follow the directions of the county in this regard.”

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