TDC has no appetite for Comfort Food Capital

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By Pat Faherty

Gadsden County will not be known as "The Capital of Comfort Food."
It was close though, as the tourism marketing experts were ready to package up and brand Gadsden as the perfect place to visit for culinary support and satisfaction. The kind you get from comfort food.
Lisa Garcia, with Ron Sachs Communications, spoke about the concept at the Jan. 10 meeting of the Gadsden County Tourist Development Council.
She said they thought about rolling the out new website and two new billboards (the TDC already has four billboards) with a picnic theme press conference.
They would wear special aprons and could serve fried chicken and macaroni and cheese to emphasize the Capital of Comfort Food branding.
Local officials officials would be invited along with the media, restaurants and other tourism stakeholders.
The event could be held outdoor at a local state or county park with restaurants providing sample food or at one of the Midway hotels if the weather looks doubtful. It will probably be held in late February.
But the board members didn't totally swallow the comfort food concept. There were some concerns.
It seemed the idea made it sound like Gadsden County has a lot of restaurants, which is does not and actually has less than a lot of other counties.
And since comfort food is not always "health food," one member raised the issue of obesity, while board member Patricia Vice was flatly against it.
Board member Andy Gay said they could be get more bang for their bucks talking about the area's natural resources, a direction that had strong support.
Member Hemant Patel participating by phone, also favored steering more toward natural resources.
Garcia agreed with their  point, but wants to keep comfort food in the background. "Our goal is to raise bed taxes," she said. "One of the things people need to do is eat."