Stirring the pot won't solve anything

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By Alice Du Pont

In 1996, Quincy was named an All-American City by the Allstate Foundation. The competition singles out cities that have been successful in identifying at least three problems facing the communities, which residents are working together to solve.

It seems as if no one wants to work together anymore to solve anything. The attitude seems to be that if things don't go my way I will do everything and anything in my power to be as destructive as possible. That is a shame.

Some of our governments appear to take turns with upheaval. If it's not the county, it's Quincy, Midway or Gretna. It’s as if it's too much trouble for everyone to work together at the same time for anything.

We have enough problems to work on. You don't need to look far to find something that could use the attention of the entire community. Week after week this newspaper is filled with things that we can do to help others, which will in turn help everyone.

Instead of 500 people at the Relay For Life Friday night and Saturday morning, there should have been 5,000. No cure for cancer has been found and the disease has touched someone in all of our lives.

Instead of having to put a high school on lock-down, we should have enough mentors so that students don't feel afraid to attend school without a weapon. Parents should keep up with what their children are feeling, whether it's rage or fear, and get help if they aren't equipped to handle it.

Instead of talking about how "terrible" teens are, take one fishing or attend games and banquets to show support of their good efforts. You really don't have to personally know the kids to show support.

Instead of people asking me what was going on last week, they should have been lining the street to support the kids who were going to the Special Olympics. They need money but most of them would have been happy with a thumbs-up sign as they used all of their energy to run and walk 2 miles.

The Courthouse Square should have been packed with people for the sexual assault awareness rally. Every 13 seconds a woman is assaulted in this country. These women are daughters, mothers, sisters and wives. Chances are, if you stand in a room with four women, one of them has been sexually assaulted.

Instead of complaining about the trucks and noise downtown, attend some of the transportation meetings and get involved early. You would be surprised to see how others take interest in our community when we take an active interest. At a recent transportation meeting less than 25 people showed up to talk about long-range transportation plans.

Instead of listening to gossip and half-truths, come to governmental meetings and get your questions answered. I'm not saying you'll always like what you hear, but at least it won't be someone else's opinion that you're basing your decisions and attitudes on.

But then, sometimes people have a vested interest in keeping things stirred. If the water is constantly muddy you can't see what's going on beneath the surface – and that's what some people want.