Spooky Story Winners...

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By The Staff


First Place Winner

It was a cold and stary night. The moon sat high and full in the sky. I was walking through a cornfield when suddenly I ran into a scarecrow. It had very big spooky eyes and  a nose like Shrek.

It was surrounded by jack-o-lanterns that had evil grins on their faces. The barn looked abandoned and creepy from the outside. I walked toward the barn to take a look inside. There were snakes, spiders, mummies and big hairy rats. Bats hung from the ceiling staring at me with big red eyes. A gaint ghost with sharp fang like teeth floated  around the barn.

The gaint ghost head said, “Get out of my barn or I will eat you alive ha, ha, ha!”

So I ran away in terror until I reached my house. I tried to explain to my family and friends about my horrifying night, but no one belived me.

That night, before I went to sleep, I could hear that gaint ghost head laughing across the corn field. Ha, ha, ha........

Mikaila is 9 years old and is a fourth grade student at Stewart Street Elementary.


Second Place Winner

On Halloween night, we were trick or treating, and one of my friends saw this spooky barn. So we went in to the yard. We saw a scary scarecrow that was as scary as a pool filled with blood and body parts.

And then the scarecrow  jumped down and chased us into the corn crop. We was lost in the crop, and then we saw a light, and my friend went to the light, and she disappeared. I called her name she didn not answer, so I went to the light, but before I got there it disappear too.

So I kept walking and I saw a trunk and it was moving, so I picked up a shovel and I walk over to the trunk and opened it, and it was my friend.

I helped her out the trunk, then the scarecrow came back and pushed us in to the scary dark barn and locked us in. I was so scared I almost squeezed my friends guts out. And then we heard a noise, and then the light came back. But this time it was the scarecrow on the tractor and he tried to run us over. And we hid so he would not see us.

Then we ran, we saw a door and it opened. When it opened it was a tub with a dead body in it. And when we went to the other door, the body followed us. We did not know it as there until I screamed. The scarecrown heard me scream. Then he came driving the tractor, and it ran the dead body over. Then the tractor ran out of gas.

We were back at the front door it was unlocked, so we ran as fast as a cheetah. And we never ever went back to that barn on Halloween night.

The next year: Another one of my friend wanted to go to the barn to see how scary it was. So he went to the scarecrow he said this scarecrow is not so scary. When we went into the barn, we left the barn door open, so we can run back out. We went back to to the door where the dead body was. But it was gone, then we walk over to where the tractor ran out of gas at, we remembered the scarecrow was outside, so we kept watch for him.

I heard foot steps behind us, but when I looked back nothing  was there. So I asked my friend can we go, but he said nothing was scary about this barn. So we keep walking and then we saw a person at the door that had a knife. He told us to come closer. But we went the other way. Then we heard the foot steps again, so we walk faster to the door.

But what was waiting at the door for us was the scarecrow. We could not get away because the man with the knife was behind us. On both sides was the foot sides, they turned into people with no heads! Then a rope fell down from the roof of the barn. We climb up the rope as fast as a speeding car.

On the roof was a door that would let us out of the barn. I climb down first and I saw that the monsters was climbing up the rop, so I went and closed the barn door. And I went and help my friend down. And we ran home and we bump into my friend how went in the barn yard the first time. We told her what happened. And they now  monsters that were in the barn.

Briana is a fourth grade student at Stewart Street Elementary. She is 10 years old.


Third Place Winner

On October 31, me and my friends went trick-or-treating on halloween night. We walked up and down the neighborhood. As we was walking we passed a big barn with pumpkins and a very spooky looking scarecrow. We turned around to go back to the barn. My friends said that we may can get some candy if someone was there, so we turned around.

When we was walking through the path we spotted the scarecrow again. It looked so scary because the way it face expression looked, his eyes looked like he was staring at us. And pumpkins was around it. We was very scared by it, so we ranned to the barn. When we got closer, we heard someone talking. It sounded like a mean lady voice.

We spotted a hold on the side of the barn and as we looked through it, you will never believe what we saw...

It was a witch, goblin and some mummies. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We was soooo scared. We kept looking through the hole and the witch was standing over a black kettle stirring up something while the mummies and goblin had this old man tied  up to a chair.

We didn’t know what to do. My friend started crying and the witch heard the noise. She ran to the door and opened it. We started running...then she went and grabbed her broom and hopped on it and started chasing us.

We ran as fast as we could, but she was catching up with us. We saw a shortcut through the woods and took it. We finally lost her.

When we got back home we ran in the house and didn’t say nothing. We finally told my mom about it and she called the police to go check the barn out. When they got there the scarecrow was gone. They knocked  on the door and this lady came to the door with a bucket of candy like nothing bad had happened.

That night remains a mystery.

De’Aisia is a fourth grade student at George W. Munroe Elementary and is 9 years old.


Top Ten

It was a dark, cold and spooky night. It was me, Malika and my other cousin Destiny heading out for a fun night of trick or treating. When all of a sudden we came to a scary looking old farm house. I was afraid to  go through the dirty little path that had the most ugliest scarecrow I have ever seen. But my cousins love scary spooky things, so since they wanted to go, I went along.

We started walking to the farm house and all of a sudden, Malik and I turned around and Destiny was gone. I got really scared and told Malika let’s just run and get out of here. Then Malika was gone. I started screaming her name and then Bam! Out of nowhere, jeepers creepers was starring in my face and right then I know what happened to my cousins.

Jeepers creepers where did you get dem eyes. Jeepers creepers where did you get dem eyes.

Then I ran in the barn as fast as I can. Then I trip. Then he was flying so I got back up. I went to the barn. Then I herd some nosieses and it was Jeepers creeper. I didn’t know he was in the barn. Suddenly, I was looking arll around. he got me. Then he cut my eyes out.

Chadesia is 9 years old and is a fourth grade student at Stewart Street Elementary.


Top Ten

Once upon a time long ago on a Haloween night in a barn a scarecrow was wating for someone to come and it was very dark and scary bats were flying around. Also the scarecrow was just looking with its big eyes and when the scarecrow eyes glowed your eyes will pop out or your eyes will bleed.

So that’s mean that someone’s coming and who’s ever’s coming is going to die. Then everyone was getting ready for Hallowen night but there’s a lot of Halloween parties but I knew becase the scarecrow knows everything and he knows that if you talkes about him he will come in your dream and kill you in your dreams. When someone came and the scarecrow lighted up very read and he disapeared and the scarecrow went around swinging with his nails and someone sceamed very loud and the person skin fell off and the bones breaked apart and the scarecrow were the scarest one in town and nobody saw the person again who had died. Bom Bom Bom.

Saphyre is in the third grade at Stewart Street Elementary.


Top Ten

One  spooky Holloween night there was on family in an old barn house who saw the ugliest scarecrow ever seen. Right then the family pack thire bags and sold the barn. Next morning there was an new family in the barn house that family just thougt everything was normal.

When night falled Jessica mom and dad went on  an date. When they left there dourter Jessica started hearing things in the field. Jessica raned in the house and locked the door fast and quick! Then she looked out the window and saw the scarecrow walking to her door. The scarecrow tried to kill her. the scarecrow stopped when he seen her parent just that her parents did’t see  him.

The scarecrow raned and got back on his pole and then everything looked normal again. Jessica tried and tried to explain to her parents but they think she did it all by herself but she did not. So her parents put her on punishment for 3 weeks.

The scarecrow was waiting on the crows to  come out because that’s the only time he can kill Jessica family inclued her to!

Finally the scarecrows came out he got off his pole got a hachet in his hand. While her parents wer out she stepped outside whitch the knife. The scarecrow and Jessica back into each other. Jessica turned around a stabbed  him in the back whith the knife. Then chopped his head off. Right then Jessica finished him off from fee to neck peice by peice.

Then her parents showed up the crows flew away the scarecrow moved his armed then died righ there on the grond.

Jessica mom said: I’m sorry for not beliing you at the beginig. Her father said: Yeah I’m sorry to. Then that family did the same as the first one. Packed thire bags and left out of sight from that house.

But realy never looked back at it either. That family put thier past behind them and went back to thire realy home where they use to live in Quincey.

Jamecia is 8 years old and is a fourth grade student  at Stewart Street Elementary.


Top Ten

It was a dark, rainy night at eight oclock on the thirty-first of October. Me and my friend Kaira were walking, out of nowhere a black cat jump out in frought of us and ran of ino the knight. We looked up into the sky and it was still dark and cold.

The air felt still and cold. It had stop raining and everything was creepy. It was a huge old barn which was deserted. The barn lay in a big, shadowy gaden, surrouned by trees. As we were going past the barn we heard a strange noise. I was a log, slow howling noise.

“Maybe it’s a dog,” said Kiara, trying not to be  scared. “It must be in trouble. Let’s go and see,” I said.

We passed though the old rusty gates and crept along the path towards the door of the barn. It was so dark that we heard the howling  sound, coming from the house. Ooooh! Oooooh!

“I don’t think it’s a dog,” said Karia. “You’re just a scarcy cat!” I said. “‘Come on  let’s go inside.”

We went up the stairs and pushed open the frount  door. It creeked loudly and fell open with a bang. The air felt cool and clammy and creepy. Kiara Walked into the barn. An enormous spider’s web hit her in the face and screamed. “Ooohh!!”

“It’s only a spider’s web,” I said.

When Halloween cme me and Kiara are walking home when we hear strange howling noises coming from a big old barn. We decide to run very very fast into the dark. No more surprises for the night.

Catherine is a third grade student at Stewart Street Elementary and is 9 years old.  


Top Ten

One day three kids were playing hid and go seek. One kid went into the corn field. The other kid was in the barn. The kid that was in the barn was found rite away. They looked and looked but find the kid in the corn field. The kid in the corn field did not know the other kids could not find him. Right before the kids gave up they heard a scream. It came from the corn field. The kid hidding in the cornd field came running out  of the field without a shirt.

The next day, all three kids looked and looked bu tcould not find the boys shirt. Suddenly they heard something moving. They foudn a scarecrow wearing a shirt exactly like the boys shirt. The boys reached out to grab the shirt and the scarecrow moved away. They were so scared. They ran away and left the shirt.

Two mots later the boys remembered about the scarecrow and stayed away from the corn field. They plaed inside the barn. They turned on the lights and saw hay stacks. One kid said lets continue our game of hide and go seek. They were having lots of fun for a long time. Then after a while they saw the same scarecrow again. One boy tried to reached for his shirt and ws dragged under a hay stackby the scarecrow. The other two boys tried to dig him out bu they could not find him.

One year later the missing boy was seen paying in the corn field again. Suddenly the other two boys went missing. Every year after that to boys would dissapear in the same field and around the same dates, never to be seen again.

Isaiah is 9 and is a student at Stewart Street Elementary.


Top Ten

One evening there was a scarecrow, barn, pumpkins, bats. It was  crazy things everywhere. There were some animals in the barn.

Suddenly, a bus showed up. “Why are we here?” I asked. When I first saw the scarecrow, everywhere I went, the eyes followed. It was really spooky! What will I do?!

The scarecrow had big eyes that let you know that he was watching you. The barn had crazy animals. Everytime they see you, they would run as fast  as lightning! I didnt’ know what it was because I did not get to see it. I did not want to be htere. Everyone was scared out of their brains! Everyone ws screaming! The scarecrow made everyone scared, including me. It had spooky clothes on! The animals were spooky too! There was a cow, some sheep, pigs and horses. They had crazy faces. Guess what. They could talk, too!

The scarecrow’s hat said, “I’m going to get you!” It had a mean grandmother’s look on its face. The barn had crooked doors and windows.

“What is wrong with this place?!” I yelled.

Next thing you know the scarecrow moves. I was scared!

Finally, we left the place. I said, “Bye, by!”

This is the end of my story. “Boo!”

Natasha is 9 and is a fourth grade student at Stewart Street Elementary.


Top Ten

Once upon a time there was pumpkins, barnyard and a spooky looking scarecrow. I do not know what’s happening in the barnyard, but I need to know, and these are the things that I think is going on in the barnyard is that somebody is in side of the barnyard but I better get in there because a kller might be in there trying to kill that person that  might be my momma, brother, daddy, or my sister because last halloween she went outside and someone dragged her to this spooky barnyard that is in the cornfield and when I came out of the house she was gone off of the campus of the green grass house but I was so sad that I didn’t even want ot look for her. And when my mom had went to go to work I told my sister not to go outside because I knew that she was going to get grabbed. This Halloween was very very spooky!!!!!

Kiambria is 10 and is in the fourth grade at Stewart Street Elementary.

Editorial Note: Stories appear just as they were written. The top three received prizes of pumpkins full of candy, and the first place winner also received a Wal-Mart gift card.