Special GCSO team arrests suspects on drug charges

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By Robert Allen

Two drug-related operations conducted by the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT) yielded two recent arrests in Chattahoochee. 


The SRT conducted a saturated patrol in the area around the Happy Kash and Karry Convenience Store on June 17. Two deputies situated themselves near a path leading away from the store. According to the arrest report, deputies had observed suspects fleeing along this path when law enforcement officers approached the front of the convenience store. 

With the two deputies in position near the footpath, they stepped out and began walking toward the convenience store as SRT members in marked patrol cars pulled into the parking lot. 

The deputies on the path spotted a then-unidentified man smoking something. According to an arrest report, they approached him. When they asked the man where the joint was, he said he dropped it. One of the deputies also observed the man, who told deputies his name is Chris Williams, drop a small paper bag. 

When they began to cuff and detain Williams, a struggle began. With a cuff secured only on his left wrist, the suspect ran, according to the report. One deputy grabbed Williams while the other tried to secure the other cuff. Both Williams and the restraining deputy tumbled to the ground. The cuffing deputy deployed his Taser and told Williams he would discharge the weapon if he did not cease resisting and begin complying — but Williams continued to scuffle with the deputy on the ground. 

According to the report the standing deputy then utilized his Taser for a five-second cycle, aiming at Williams’ stomach. The action was ineffective and Williams continued to struggle. So the deputy employed his Taser again, delivering another five-second cycle. But Williams still resisted. 

Williams managed to get to his feet and begin making another attempt to flee — but, according to the arrest report, one of the deputies gained a grip on Williams’ T-shirt and the two began to fight. 

At this point, another two deputies arrived. The four deputies were able to subdue and cuff Williams. 

According to the arrest report, they searched Williams and found $340 and several bags of marijuana packaged for resale. They also recovered the dropped bag, which contained a rocklike substance similar to crack cocaine. 

Deputies then asked Williams if he had anything illegal in his vehicle. According to the arrest report, Williams said he had a scale in the trunk for weighing narcotics. He told a deputy to open the trunk and retrieve it. He also told deputies they could search the rest of the vehicle. Tucked inside a cigar package in the glove box, a deputy found three small bags of suspected cocaine, which Williams said were his. 

The vehicle was then impounded and Williams, 24, of Sneads, was placed under arrest. He is charged with resisting an officer, cocaine possession, marijuana possession, and drug equipment possession. His bond was set at $45,250.

The next night, June 18, when SRT deputies appeared at a Morgan Avenue home to issue a search warrant, suspect Brian L. Cherry greeted law enforcement at the front door. According to the GCSO arrest report, after being read the search warrant, the deputies told Cherry to tell them if anything illegal was in the residence.

Cherry said he was unaware of anything illegal — and the search began. 

According to the report, deputies found a number of items used to manufacture methamphetamines, including acidic acid, lighter fluid, aluminum foil and salt. The arrest report records these items were together under the kitchen sink. 

The report also said deputies found a plastic bottle containing used ammonia nitrate, lithium metal and a coffee filter. 

In the master bedroom, the report said deputies found lye, more foil, more lighter fluid fuel, ice packs and an empty pseudoephedrine box. All these items were seized by GCSO as suspected production components for meth. 

Also in the bedroom, the deputies located a number of brown plastic pill bottles containing about 10 grams of test-verified meth, according to the report. Beside the nightstand, deputies found four straws, a razor blade, and a clear glass plate set with four lines of meth. 

According to the report, Cherry advised GCSO the woman at his residence during the search had no involvement with any of the recovered evidence. 

Cherry was arrested and charged with manufacturing meth, possession of meth with intent to sell, possession of paraphernalia, possession of precursor chemicals, maintaining a drug house, maintaining a drug house and producing meth.